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Horizontal Milling Machine

As a top horizontal milling machine manufacturer in China, BORUI has been focusing on designing and manufacturing horizontal milling machines. It is a machine tool used to perform flat surfaces on workpieces.

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Features of Our Horizontal Milling Machine

Horizontal Cutting Direction

A horizontal milling machine's main feature is that the tool's and the workpiece's relative movement is carried out in a horizontal plane. The cutting process occurs more on the flat surface of the workpiece than on a vertical milling machine.

High-quality Materials

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Wide Range of Sizes

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Horizontal CNC Milling Machine Applications

Horizontal milling machines are widely used in manufacturing industries. It is suitable for some processing tasks that requiring horizontal cutting on the workpiece surface. Here are some of the main application areas for horizontal milling machines.

Face Milling

Horizontal milling machines are commonly used for surface milling. It creates a flat surface on the workpiece surface through horizontal cutting movements.

Slot Milling

Since the cutting direction of a horizontal mill is horizontal, it is ideally suited for slot milling operations. It can make troughs of various shapes and sizes.

Keyway Machining

Horizontal CNC milling machines are often used to cut keyways when manufacturing machine parts. It allows parts to fit correctly with other parts.

Gear Cutting

CNC horizontal milling machines can be used for gear cutting operations to manufacture a variety of gears. For example, spur gears, helical gears, etc.

Surface Contouring

With CNC programming, a CNC horizontal milling machine can be used to machine the surface profile of a workpiece. This allows components to be manufactured with specific shapes.

Mold Making

Horizontal milling machines are often used when making molds and mold parts. Because it can provide high precision and surface quality.

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FAQs About Horizontal Milling Machine

The relative motion of the cutting tool and workpiece of a horizontal milling machine occurs in a horizontal plane. A vertical milling machine cuts in a vertical plane. Horizontal milling machines are suitable for surface machining and large workpieces. The vertical milling machine is suitable for processing three-dimensional parts.

The main components include lathe, spindle, workbench, feed mechanism, tool and tool holder, CNC system, etc.

Tool replacement usually involves opening the tool holder, removing the old tool, and installing the new tool. This process requires ensuring that the tool is properly installed and adjusted.

Maintaining machining accuracy requires regular inspection of the machine tool's geometric accuracy, tool wear, and the operating status of the CNC system. This also includes necessary calibration and maintenance.