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CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

As one of the top China CNC pipe threading lathe machine suppliers, we have a series of unique advantages. These advantages attract many potential customers. They reached out to us and had excellent cooperation. We have extensive professional knowledge and experience in CNC pipe threading lathe machine technology. If you are looking, please click the button below to get our reply immediately.

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Features of BORUI CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

Rapid Tool Change System

To improve production efficiency, CNC pipe threading lathes are equipped with a quick tool change system. It allows for quick and easy tool changes, reducing downtime.

High-precision Machining

CNC technology enables pipe thread lathes to achieve high-precision processing. It ensures consistent thread size and geometry. It is essential to manufacture pipe fittings and threads that need high precision.

Programmable Control Parameters

CNC pipe threading lathes allow operators to program control parameters. Including cutting speed, feed speed, and tool path. This makes it adaptable to different materials and processing requirements.

User-friendly Interface

Many CNC pipe threading lathes are equipped with intuitive user interfaces to simplify operation. It enables operators to enter and change machining parameters quickly.

Why Choose Us As Your China CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine Supplier

Technical Expertise

BORUI has extensive expertise and experience in CNC pipe threading lathe machine technology. These include the technical level of the engineering team, R&D capabilities, and keeping pace with the latest technology trends.

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Product Quality

Our CNC pipe threading lathe machine meets high-quality manufacturing standards. These include using advanced materials, precision machining, and strict quality control processes. Our products follow industry standards and certifications.

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Customization Capabilities

BORUI provides customized solutions. We can meet customer-specific needs. These include customized machine configurations, dimensions, and features.

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Delivery And Service Speed

We will provide customers with efficient delivery services and comprehensive customer service. Timely delivery and responsive customer support are essential to manufacturing customers.

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FAQs About CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

CNC pipe threading lathe machines usually have high-precision processing capabilities. It can meet industry standard requirements. Accuracy is affected by factors such as machine tool design, control system, and tool selection.

CNC pipe thread lathe machines are mainly used to process various types of pipes. Including metal pipes and plastic pipes. They are often used to make threaded pipe fittings.

This machine tool can process various types and specifications of threads. Including internal threads, external threads, and tapered threads. They are commonly used in the manufacture of pipe-connecting components.

Yes, this machine is generally suitable for pipes of many materials. Including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic. The selection of tools and cutting parameters will depend on the characteristics of the material.