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Manual Bow Band Saw Cutting Machine For Sale

Band Saw Machine BS-712N


90°▭ mm(”):460*250(18*9.8)
60°▭ mm(”):205*250(8*9.8)
45°▭ mm(”):305*250(12*9.8)
Band Saw Machine BS-912B


90°▭ mm(”):160*406(6.3*16)
45°▭ mm(”):160*190(6.3*7.5)

Automatic Double Column Band Saw For Sale

Band Saw Machine GH4235


Max Cutting capacity (mm):
Band Saw Machine GY4270


Max Cutting capacity (mm):
Band Saw Machine GHS4235


With CNC control system
Max Cutting capacity (mm):

Horizontal Corner Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

Band Saw Machine GHZ4228


90° Max Cutting:500-700*500 45° Max Cutting:400-500*400
Band Saw Machine GZ4235


Max. Cutting 〇 mm:350
Max. Cutting ▭ mm:350*350
Band Saw Machine GHZ-350


90°mm:〇:280 ▭:320*280
45°mm:〇:200 ▭:280*240
30°mm:〇:240 ▭:280*240

Metal Cutting Band Saw Buying Guide:

What is a band saw?

A band saw is a mechanical machine tool in metal cutting. Because the cutting tool of the cutting part is a closed-loop connected band saw blade (that is, a band saw blade), it is called a band saw.

What is a band saw good for?

The saw wheel of the band saw machine is closely attached to the circular saw belt, and the machine will drive the saw belt to complete the cutting operation by the saw wheel. There are two common band sawing machines, one is vertical and the other is horizontal.
The vertical band saw is a saw frame set vertically. The workpiece will move during cutting to cut the contour curve of the sheet and some parts, or you can also replace the saw belt with a file chain when you want to do file repairing, grinding, etc. Or the abrasive belt, the usability is very strong. The horizontal band sawing machine is obviously different from the vertical band sawing machine, its saw frame is a horizontal device or an inclined device. The horizontal type is more complicated and is divided into single-column, double-column and scissor-type band sawing machines; if it is distinguished according to the usage, it is divided into manual type and automatic type; if it is divided according to the automation of the controller, it can be divided into manual type Type (manual feeding by semi-automatic) and fully automatic type (feeding by automatic followed by automatic cutting).

What materials can a band saw cut?

Band sawing machines are mainly used for metal cutting, commonly used for sawing carbon steel, rebar, profiles, copper and aluminum, stainless steel, die steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, ductile iron, etc. Band sawing machines cannot cut metals of any hardness. Harder materials need to be sawed with a band saw blade with higher hardness, otherwise the service life of the saw blade will be shortened quickly.
With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, the technology of saw blades has continued to break through, and now those ordinary glass, single crystal silicon and gemstones have gradually been included in the range of sawing.

What are the types of band sawing machines?

Band sawing machines can be divided into horizontal band sawing machines and vertical band sawing machines according to the sawing direction. The horizontal sawing machine is the horizontal type, and the vertical sawing machine is the vertical type. Horizontal bandsaws are often used for metalworking, and vertical bandsaws are often used for woodworking.
Our company mainly produces metal cutting band sawing machines, including: bow band sawing machines, column band sawing machines and corner band sawing machines.

1. Double column band saw machine.
With double-column structure, the saw blade can only cut vertically the workpiece of ordinary double-column band saw machine, and can cut sawing materials such as ring band saw. Therefore, it is also called a horizontal band saw and a gantry band saw. This kind of band saw machine can choose CNC band saw machine or manual band saw machine according to the different needs of customers.
2. Corner band saw.
Also called a miter band saw, this band saw also adopts a double-column structure, but unlike the ordinary double-column band saw, the saw blade can be controlled to cut the workpiece at multiple angles, so it is also called a miter band saw. You can also choose a CNC corner band saw machine (also called a fully automatic corner band saw machine) or a manual corner band saw machine according to the processing requirements.
3. Bow sawing machine.
The form of the sawing machine is a bow shape, and the way that the saw frame feeds to the sawing machine around a point is a bow-shaped sawing machine. The cutting saw blade is in the form of a bar, which reciprocates with the saw blade and saw bow during operation, and feeds in the way of swinging the saw frame around the point. The machine has a simple structure, small volume, low loss, but low efficiency. There are two kinds of motion trajectory of hack saw blade: straight line and circular arc. The circular arc motion saw bow swings a small angle around a point, each saw tooth has a larger cutting amount, easier chip removal, and higher efficiency. Most of the new hack saw machines use this method.

Usually bow-type band saws only appear in the sawing of low-diameter materials, and for thicker materials, dual-column band saws are used.
Bow-type band sawing machines are suitable for purchase and use by companies with limited budgets and small diameters of processing materials. The overall cost will be lower than that of the column type, and the maintenance cost after failure will also be lower, because the spare parts and motors used are relatively mid-end. Because the diameter of the sawing material is small, the corresponding configuration of the whole machine does not need to be too good.
Although the cost of the column type band sawing machine is high, it is better than the hack sawing machine in terms of sawing stability. The straight-up and straight-down sawing method can effectively reduce the jitter of the saw blade, and it can also be maintained at a faster cutting speed. Very good sawing results. This means that the column type will be better than the bow type in terms of the wear and durability of the saw blade and the production efficiency of sawing and blanking.
In modern development, numerical control has been widely used in various machine tools in the industry, and band sawing machines are no exception. Therefore, band sawing machines are generally divided into two types: semi-automatic and numerically-controlled automatic. The manual type generally refers to the manual lower knife in the small band saw machine. At present, the manual type in the band saw machine has been completely eliminated. Semi-automatic band sawing machines are already mainstream, and CNC band sawing machines are also being used by more and more companies.
Semi-automatic band sawing machines can already achieve functions such as automatic clamping and one-key lifting, but manual operation is required for feeding, and each time the next knife has to be pressed again to cut the knife. The CNC band sawing machine can set the feeding length for automatic feeding, and automatically rise and feed the lower knife after cutting. For workers, the operation will be more convenient and automated, and the probability of error will be less. Another advantage of CNC is that it can automatically detect and stop sawing when the saw blade breaks, which fully guarantees the safety of workers during operation. (This function can be equipped with an induction device according to user needs).

Tips for safe operation of the band saw:

1. Check whether there are unsafe hidden dangers such as leakage before starting the machine.
2. It is strictly forbidden to open the saw wheel guards on both sides when the band saw is running.
3. Never touch the running band saw blade by hand.
4. It is strictly forbidden to touch the workpiece under the operation of the band saw blade.
5. Wear protective glasses and gloves when folding and removing the band saw blade.
6. Be sure to cut off the power of the machine when replacing the band saw blade.

What is the difference between a circular saw and a band saw?

The biggest difference between a metal circular saw and a band saw is that a circular saw uses a circular saw blade for sawing, while a band saw uses a band saw blade.

Metal circular sawing machine and band sawing machine have similar functions, both are cutting metal materials, metal circular sawing machine can be said to be the upgraded version of band sawing machine.
As customers are demanding more and more products, they pay more and more attention to accuracy. The cutting accuracy of metal circular sawing machine is higher than that of band sawing machine because metal circular sawing machine adopts circular saw blade cutting, while band sawing machine adopts band saw blade cutting, circular saw blade cutting without oscillation, which is more stable than band saw blade cutting.
Metal circular saw machine single cutting speed is also higher than the band saw machine, the difference is that the band saw machine can colleagues cutting multiple materials, while the metal circular saw machine can only be a single cutting, so the overall view of the two cutting sawing speed is not much difference.
Metal circular saw machine cutting out of the metal material surface is very smooth, no burr, cutting can be directly after the next process for processing, but the band saw machine cutting the metal material surface uneven, need to polish before processing.
From the point of view of saving material cost and time cost, metal circular sawing machine is more suitable for the current market demand. But also according to the different needs of users and budget costs, multi-angle consideration, choose the most suitable for the production of sawing equipment.

Can a woodworking band saw cut metal? Can you cut stone? Can you cut rock wool board? Can you cut paper?

The woodworking band saw is a professional wood sawing equipment, including the saw body, the saw blade and the numerical control equipment, which are professionally debugged and produced according to the hardness of the wood. The woodworking band saw can cut various soft and hard logs, and generally can also cut thermal insulation materials such as rock wool boards. But woodworking band saws cannot saw metal and stone.
There are generally two types of band saw blades for sawing metal, one is a bimetal band saw blade, the saw blade is composed of two metals, and the sawtooth is much harder than the saw body, and the other is a single metal band saw blade. A band saw blade for cutting metal is much harder than a blade for sawing wood. However, metal saw blades cannot saw wood, because the speed requirements for metal sawing and wood sawing are different. If the metal saw blade has the same speed as the saw blade for sawing wood, the saw blade will break quickly. This kind of break is called “fatigue break”.
Therefore, woodworking band saws cannot saw metal. Metal bandsaws also cannot saw wood.