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Corner Band Saw Machine

BORUI's corner band saw machine suits different materials and cutting needs. This flexibility can meet the requirements of a variety of industries and applications. All BORUI company's corner saw band machines adopt high-quality standards. We can ensure that products comply with international standards. We can provide our customers with reliable, durable equipment.

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Features of Corner Band Saw Machine

Angle Cutting Capability

The corner saw band machine is designed to cut workpieces with angle or tilt requirements. It can adjust the cutting angle. Therefore, it is suitable for cutting tasks at various angles.


This type of band saw machine has high cutting accuracy. It ensures precise angles and dimensions during cutting.


To handle workpieces with angle cutting requirements, the corner saw band machine has a stable structure and support system. It ensures cutting stability.


The corner saw band machine is suitable for a variety of materials. These include metal, plastic, and wood. It can adapt to the needs of different industries and applications.

Corner Band Saw Machine
Corner Band Saw Machine

Corner Saw Band Machine Applications

Metal Processing Industry

The corner band saw machine is widely used in the metal processing industry. Especially for tasks that need angled cuts on metal workpieces. Such as manufacturing, aerospace, and other fields.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, corner band saw machines can be used to cut structural materials with angle requirements. Such as beams, columns, etc.

Woodworking Industry

The corner band saw machine can also be used for wood processing to achieve precise angle cuts. It is suitable for areas such as furniture manufacturing.

Plastic Processing

In plastic processing, this band saw machine can be used to cut plastic materials at precise angles. It can meet the requirements of different shapes and sizes.

FAQs About Corner Band Saw Machine

The cutting angle range of angle band saws varies by manufacturer and model. Some models can make precise vertical cuts. While other models may have adjustable cutting angles that cover a range of angles.

Adjusting the cutting angle usually depends on the specific machine model. Some models may be equipped with knobs, levers, or digital control systems. Operators can easily adjust the cutting angle. Operators should refer to the owner's manual for detailed change instructions.

Operating a corner band saw machine usually requires training. Operators should have the basic skills to operate a band saw safely. Operators should follow the instructions in the instruction manual and take appropriate safety measures.

corner band saw machine is designed to provide high cutting accuracy. However, cutting accuracy can be affected by several factors. Including the design of the machine, the quality of the cutting tools, and the degree of wear of the blades.