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CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC vertical machining center refers back to the machining center whose spindle axis is perpendicular to the workbench. it’s miles specifically appropriate for machining complex components consisting of plates, discs, molds and small shells. the vertical machining middle can entire the techniques of milling, dull, drilling, tapping and reducing threads. the vertical machining middle is as a minimum 3-axis and linkage, and might commonly realise 3-axis and three linkage. some can carry out five axis and six axis manipulate.

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CNC Vertical Machining Center Guide

What is A CNC Vertical Machining Center?

I believe that you are not unfamiliar with vertical machining centers. Vertical machining centers have reached a 50% utilization rate in the CNC machine tool market. It is conceivable that vertical machining centers are widely used in various processing enterprises. favored by many companies. The vertical machining center integrates the functions of many other CNC machine tools, such as: boring machines, drilling machines, milling machines and other machine tools.

What Can You Create With A CNC Vertical Machining Center?

vertical cnc machine

Main Features Of Vertical CNC Machining Center

Automatic tool change function

The structure of the vertical machining center and the CNC milling machine are basically the same, and the processing technology is basically similar, but the biggest difference between the two is that the machining center replaces the automatic tool changer and tool magazine, and the CNC milling machine does not have this function.

The vertical machining center with automatic tool changer and tool magazine has the function of automatic tool change, which can be replaced according to the tools used in processing. In general, the vertical machining center can change the tool at will to process different processes of the workpiece.

One workpiece clamping can process multiple processes

From the previous function point, the vertical machining center has an automatic tool change function. With this function, it can perform multi-process processing in one clamping process, such as boring, drilling, milling, tapping and tapping. processing.

Function to expand the number of axes

According to customer needs, there are written workpieces such as impellers, blades, shafts, propellers and other complex surface workpieces that cannot be processed by three-axis vertical machining centers, so the four-axis or five-axis functions can be expanded according to customer product requirements. From the above, we know that the vertical machining center has the function of expanding the number of axes, and can expand the functions of four axes, five axes and multiple axes.

Multiple machining surfaces can be machined in one workpiece clamping

From the above, it is known that the vertical machining center can expand the number of axes, so after the vertical machining center expands the number of axes, the workpiece can be clamped to process multiple machining surfaces at one time. It avoids the accuracy error of multiple clamping, and also saves the time for manual clamping of workpieces.

How to Purchase A CNC Vertical Machine?

Before choosing a CNC vertical machine, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What industry are you in?

2. What type of products do you want to produce?

3. What is the size of the workpiece you want to process? Include length, width and height.

4. Can the vertical machining center create greater benefits for you?

5. What is your budget for purchasing VMC machines?


Professional CNC vertical machining center manufacturer

Your VMC milling machine should match the correct table size, the stroke of each axis, and the spindle speed according to the different sizes and types of workpieces you are processing.

In addition, you should choose different brands of vertical machining centers according to your requirements for accuracy and processing capacity.

vertical cnc machining center

If you have sufficient funds and have high requirements for precision and machining capacity, you can choose world-renowned brands like HAASOKUMA and Mazak, but the machines of these brands are very expensive.

If your funds are not sufficient and the requirements for precision and machining capacity are not very high, then the BORUI CNC vertical machining center must be your best choice, we can provide you with the most accurate CNC milling solutions according to your needs , to help you buy the most suitable VMC machine at the lowest price. At the same time, we have more than 20 senior engineers who can help you solve the programming problems of CNC system.

Currently, our vertical machining centers are used in more than 60 countries around the world. If you have any needs, please understand and contact us!