5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center VMC850

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Features of 5 axis CNC vertical machining center VMC850 for mold making:

  1. Wide bed column structure, the bed adopts base structure, and the column adopts frame box structure, which has good rigidity.
  2. Castings are precision cast with high-quality Meehanna technology, with excellent rigidity.
  3. Selection of high-rigidity ball screw pair and backlash-free coupling to ensure backlash-free transmission.
  4. Through the laser interferometer into the gap compensation, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are high.
  5. Adopt high-precision, heavy-load linear guide, small friction coefficient and sensitive response.
  6. Long saddle design, full travel support of the table.
  7. High-power servo motor drives feeding, accurate feeding and strong load force.
  8. High-speed and low-torque cutting, less tool wear, less stress on the spindle bearing, and long machine life.
  9. Better reliability and higher response speed, get higher compensation speed.
  10. Adopt Taiwan cam manipulator type tool changer, both tool magazine and manipulator drive use servo motors, simplifying the mechanical structure and improving the reliability of the tool change system.
  11. Adopt the coolant tank (pump) separated from the main body of the machine tool, which is convenient for the replacement of coolant.
  12. Pressurized cylinder knife device, convenient and quick to change the knife.
  13. Intermittent electric oil supply system, supplying oil to each lubrication point periodically and quantitatively, so that the friction pair can form and maintain an appropriate amount of lubricating oil film.
  14. Fully enclosed electrical cabinet, supplemented by air circulation design, good dustproof ventilation and cooling effect.
  15. Fully enclosed outer protective sheet metal, beautiful appearance

Technical parameters of 5 axis CNC vertical machining center VMC850 for mold making:

Specification VMC850
X axis travelmm800
Y axis travelmm500
Z axis travelmm500
The distance from spindle nose to worktable surfacemm140-640
The distance from spindle center to column surfacemm590
T-slot mm3-18*130
Worktable sizemm1000*500
Worktable max loadingkg500
Spindle speedrpm8000
Main motorkW7.5
spindle taperBT40(Φ150)
Rapid traverse speedm/min24/24/20
Cutting feed speedmm/min1-10000
Three axis Servo motorkW2 * 2 *3
Magazine tool capacitypcs 24(disc type)
Machine overall sizemm2600*2300*2580
Machine weightkg5000

VMC850 CNC vertical machining center:

CNC Vertical Machine Center VMC850

Taiwan brand CNC vertical machining center spindle:

Taiwan brand CNC vertical machining center spindle:

German Siemens CNC Vertical Machining Center Control System:

Automatic lubrication system and high rigidity table of VMC850:

High rigidity table
Automatic lubrication system

Optional VMC850 5-axis vertical machining center:

Application of VMC850 5-axis Vertical Machining Center:

Application of 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

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