Small 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center XH7124

BORUI fully protected vertical CNC milling machine XH7124 series, the CNC system equipment of this machine tool can be opened and rotated, with reasonable design, automatic tool change, and convenient operation. Full protection, high security. The machine tool adopts precision screw, which rotates smoothly and has high precision.

Features of Small 4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center machine:

1. The bed base and the Y-direction guide rail are designed as one piece, and they are used for rear drainage. Four shock-absorbing pads are used for the overall leveling of the machine tool, and they are locked with nuts after adjustment.
2. The X-direction is designed as a large worktable and a small slider structure, that is, the X-axis motor moves with the worktable. The T-slot of the worktable is a through-slot.
3. The movement speed in the Z direction is slow, there is no counterweight, and the Z direction adopts a large torque motor (or a matching mode with a small counterweight).
4. One end of the X, Y, Z three-axis motor seat is equipped with a special bearing for the lead screw (back-to-back), and is locked with a precision round nut for axial positioning. The other end of the lead screw is a floating structure without support. Bearing size is 20 × 47 × 14.
5, X, Y, Z three-axis screw with 2506 specifications.
6. The spindle unit is purchased from BT30-100 (self-made spindle unit can be used). 1:1 transmission.
7. It is recommended to use a 5Nm 110-frame motor for X, a 6Nm 110-frame motor for Y, and a 7.7Nm 130-frame motor for Z.
8. There is a tool magazine installation joint surface on the side of the column, and the machine tool can be installed with BT30-12 bucket hat type tool magazines.

Technical parameters of Small 4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center machine:

Specification XK7126(XH7126)XK7132(XH7132)
Table size800*260mm1000*320mm
Max. table load200kg300kg
T-slot qty-width*distance3-14*753-16*75
spindle speed8000r p m8000r p m
spindle nose to table surface100-500mm100-620mm
Spindle center to Column surface315mm400mm
Spindle taperBT40BT40
Main motor power3.7kw (servo)5.5KW(Servo)
X axis travel500mm630mm
Y axis travel300mm400mm
Z axis travel450mm500mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid feed15/15/15m/min20/20/20m/min
Positioning accuracy±0.012mm±0.012mm
Repeatabeility accuracy±0.01mm±0.01mm
Net Weight2200 kg2800kg
Overall Dimension2400*1900*23002900*2200*2370mm

Small 4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center machine:

Small CNC Vertical Machining Center XH7124

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CNC Milling Machine XH7124 ATC

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4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center machine:

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Application of Small 4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center machine:

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