VMC1370 Large 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center

BORUI large-scale 5-axis vertical machining center VMC1370 series, the spindle, lead screw line, tool magazine are all made of Taiwan brands, and 4-axis and 5-axis can be added. System brands are optional: FANUC, GSK, Siemens, KND, New Generation.

Features of large vertical machining center VMC1370:

  1.  VMC1370 CNC machining center is made of high-grade resin sand casting and box-shaped structure design. The material is tough, coupled with box-shaped structure design and high-rigidity body structure, the machining center has sufficient rigidity and strength. The whole machine shows cutting resistance. and high precision characteristics.
  2.  The X/Y/Z axes are all designed with linear linear rails. The column, saddle, head and base are made of high-grade resin sand casting and box-shaped structure design and manufacture. The configuration of reinforcement ribs is analyzed by computer to improve rigidity and stability.
  3.  All three axes use high-precision double-nut pre-loaded precision ball screws, combined with the lock-pull design of the support bases at both ends, which can eliminate the transmission backlash and pre-compensate for errors caused by temperature rise, ensuring positioning accuracy.
  4. The use of high-speed motor makes the machining center perform very well in high-speed, low-speed, light and heavy cutting (power up to 15/18.5KW).
  5. Adopt high-precision, high-rigidity spindle, it can withstand heavy cutting with radial and axial loads and heavy cutting for a long time, and can maintain high precision in time processing.
  6. The bucket hat type/disc type tool magazine is used to provide fast, stable and reliable tool exchange action. It is controlled by PLC software, and the tool change action is quick and quick to reduce non-cutting time.
  7. The electrical box is equipped with a heat exchanger to ensure the stability of the system, and the external wiring part has a protective coil, which is resistant to heat, oil and water.
  8. The automatic depressurization lubrication system is used to centrally supply oil, and the advanced depressurization intermittent oil supply system is used to provide timely and appropriate oil supply to each lubrication point in a timed, quantitative, constant pressure and individual manner to ensure that each lubrication position is The lubricating oil is obtained at the right time, so that the machining center can operate for a long time without worries.
  9. Under the current strong requirements for environmental protection and operator safety, the sheet metal design of VMC1370 CNC machining center focuses on beautiful appearance, environmental protection and ergonomics. The fully sealed sheet metal design completely prevents cutting fluid and cutting fluid from splashing outside the machining center, so that the surrounding of the machining center can be kept clean.

Technical parameters of large vertical machining center VMC1370:

Specification VMC1370
X axis travelmm1300/700/700
The distance from spindle nose to worktable surfacemm110-810
The distance from spindle center to column surfacemm750
T-slot mm5-18*110
Worktable sizemm1400*700
Worktable max loadingkg1200
Spindle speedrpm8000
Main motorkW15/18.5
spindle taperBT40(Φ150)/BT50
Rapid traverse speedm/min24/24/18
Cutting feed speedmm/min1-8000
Positioning accuracy mm±0.0075
Repeat Positioning accuracy mm±0.005
Magazine tool capacitypcs 24(disc type)
Machine overall sizemm3870*2900*3000
Machine weightkg4000

Large vertical machining center VMC1370

Vertical machining center VMC1370 body structure

Line rail VMC1370 of Taiwan HIWIN vertical machining center:

Linear guide for vertical machining center
Linear guide for vertical machining center

VMC1370 Vertical Machining Center Induction Hardening Workbench:

VMC1370 Vertical Machining Center Induction Hardening Workbench

Taiwan brand spindle:

Taiwan spindle


Okada ATC

Application of CNC Vertical Machining Center:

Application of 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

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