VMC650 Small 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center

VMC650 small four-axis CNC vertical machining center is mainly used for the processing of various metal molds, with high work efficiency and small footprint, which is very suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized workpieces.

Features of VMC650 Small 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center for mold making:

  1. High-quality castings: The whole machine adopts GB300 high-grade resin sand castings, which are tempered, vibrated and naturally aged to eliminate internal stress.
  2. Ultra-wide base: One-piece castings provide a very stable load-supporting capacity, plus the design of the water guide plate, the cutting fluid does not leak.
  3. Herringbone column: widen the span of the joint surface and improve the rigidity of the machine tool.
  4. The rear of the Y-axis motor: shorten the distance between the upper and lower workpieces, and improve the convenience of processing.
  5. Japanese shovel flower manufacturing process: hand-operated by Taiwanese personnel to maintain good precision and durability of the body.
  6. Taiwan-made C3-grade ball screw: Taiwan-made C3-grade ball screw is adopted, and the three-axis adopts Taiwan-made ball screw. The high displacement speed of the three-axis can reach 24m/min (optional), ensuring the accuracy of axial running.
  7. Taiwan-made telescopic shield: The three-axis adopts Taiwan-made shield to prolong the service life. The rear shield of the Y-axis adopts a single-piece herringbone type and full-rail support to achieve effective protection, easy to remove chips, and easy to maintain.
  8. Built-in counterweight: The counterweight is attached with a guide rod, and the counterweight does not shake when moving up and down.
  9. Body oil-water separation: The oil-water separation design of the body, the beveled chip outlet and the chip flushing are all designed, and the rigidity of the body is assembled, the chip removal is easy, and the cutting fluid is not easy to stink and leak, and many other advantages.
  10. Taiwan-made spindle: The main body is assembled with P4-grade bearings to ensure low vibration at each speed, and a high-rigidity, high-precision bench-made spindle is used.
  11. Built-in pipeline type: avoid the doubts of iron filings and cutting fluid eroding pipelines.
  12. Easy processing: It can be equipped with a tool arm-type tool magazine and the fourth axis, which is suitable for rapid mass production of large, medium and small workpieces; it can also be equipped with a suitable spindle to perform micro-high-speed machining of workpieces of various high and low hardness materials, which is a good tool for mold processing. An indispensable choice for applications.

Technical parameters of VMC650 Small 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center for mold making:

Specification VMC650
X axis travelmm650
Y axis travelmm400
Z axis travelmm500
The distance from spindle nose to worktable surfacemm120-620
The distance from spindle center to column surfacemm550
T-slot mm3-18*125
Worktable sizemm800*400
Worktable max loadingkg400
Spindle speedrpm8000
Main motorkW5.5
spindle taperBT40(Φ120)
Rapid traverse speedm/min24/24/20
Cutting feed speedmm/min1-10000
Three axis Servo motorkW2 * 2* 3
Magazine tool capacitypcs16 (standard umbrella type , optional dis type
Machine overall sizemm2400*2000*2550
Machine weightkg4000

VMC650 Small 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center:

The maximum speed of Taiwan brand spindle can reach 10000RPM:

Taiwan brand CNC vertical machining center spindle:

Taiwan OKADA manipulator ATC

German Siemens CNC Vertical Machining Center Control System:

4 axis of CNC vertical machining center VMC650:

4 axis of CNC vertical machining center VMC650

Automatic lubrication system:

Application of CNC Vertical Machining Center:

Application of 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

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