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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

BORUI is a CNC hydraulic press brake manufacturer with rich experience in China. The company strives to design, manufacture, and sell high-quality CNC hydraulic brake presses. We can meet our customers' needs in the metal processing field. BORUI press brake is suitable for cutting and bending non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal sheets, automobiles and ships, electrical appliances, decoration, kitchenware sheets, chassis cabinets, and elevator cabinet doors.

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Why Choose Us As Your CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Manufacturer

Quality Assurance

BORUI is committed to providing customers with high-quality CNC hydraulic press brake machines. We will ensure the performance of each hydraulic CNC press brake through strict quality control procedures. All the company's products follow relevant international quality standards.

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Customer Service

BORUI attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. We can provide comprehensive pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Customers can get professional technical support. They can fully use and maintain the equipment they buy.

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Global Market

BORUI CNC hydraulic press brake manufacturer's products have been successfully sold to many countries and regions worldwide. We have won the trust and praise of our customers. The company not only occupies a place in the domestic market but also has a good reputation in the international market.

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FAQs About CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine

Hydraulic CNC press brakes have higher precision and production efficiency. Its CNC system enables complex curved shapes. It has a faster working speed and lower energy consumption.

Operating a CNC hydraulic bending machine involves entering the required bending angle, length, and other parameters into the CNC system. Then, start the machine for automation. Operators need to have a basic understanding of CNC programming and machine control.

Maintenance includes regular lubrication of the hydraulic system, checking the operating condition of the CNC system, and cleaning the machine surface. Detailed maintenance procedures are usually detailed in the equipment manual.

CNC hydraulic bending machine is suitable for processing various metal materials. Such as steel plates, stainless steel, and aluminum. Appropriate materials usually depend on the machine's specifications and design.