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Wheel Repair Lathe

As a professional wheel repair lathe manufacturer, we are committed to designing, manufacturing, and providing high-quality CNC wheel repair lathes. We cater to our customers' needs in automotive repair and wheel restoration. The company uses advanced technology and processes to ensure that the CNC wheel repair lathe produced performs efficiently and precisely.

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Features of Wheel Repair Lathe Machine

CNC Technology

CNC technology makes operations more precise and automated. Through CNC control, users can easily set and control cutting parameters. It enables high-precision wheel hub repair.


Excellent wheel repair lathes are versatile. They are capable of performing many different operations. Such as repairing the hub surface, trimming the edges, cutting the hub rim, etc.


The ability to adapt to different sizes and types of wheel repair lathes is a crucial feature. Some lathes have adjustable clamps and cutters to accommodate different wheel sizes.

Wide Range of Sizes

High-speed cutting is the key to improving production efficiency. Some wheel repair lathe machines have high-speed cutting capabilities that speed up the repair process.

FAQs About Wheel Repair Lathe Machine

Operating a wheel repair lathe involves installing the wheel hub, setting cutting parameters, and starting automated or manual operations to perform the repair. Then, check the repair effect. Specific steps may vary for different lathe models.

Good wheel repair lathes are suitable for all types and sizes of car wheels. They feature adjustable clamps and cutters to accommodate different wheel sizes.

Maintenance includes regular lubrication of bearings, cleaning of cutting areas, checking for tool wear, and regular calibration. Specific maintenance procedures are detailed in the equipment manual.

Joint problems may include uneven repairs and worn tools. Solutions involve adjusting cutting parameters and changing tools. Troubleshooting the problem with the help of the device manual or technical support is critical.