Difference Between Sawing Machine And Band Sawing Machine

    Saw machine plays an important role in industrial processing, morning carving machinery mainly produces band saw machine and circular saw machine. Manufacturers want to order wholesale, but they do not know how to choose. Below, let Xiaobian to tell you about the difference between circular saw machine and band saw machine.

   A circular sawing machine is a machine tool that can be used to cut cylindrical pieces of metal, plastic or wood. Its main components include motor, transmission system, cutting head and workbench. The way it works is that while the motor is running, the drive train transfers energy to the cutting head, which moves at high rotational speed to cut the object into the desired shape.

    Band sawing machine is a kind of machine tool mainly used for wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and other materials processing, it has high precision, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration and so on. Band sawing machine is divided into transverse band sawing machine and longitudinal band sawing machine, which can realize sawing, drilling, tapping and other processing technology. It can choose different saw blades and molds according to processing requirements, in order to achieve high precision and high efficiency processing effect.

    Generally speaking from the definition, band saw is the kind of ring endless band saw blade as a saw, around the two saw wheels for unidirectional continuous linear motion to cut wood saw machine; Circular saw machine is a saw blade as a sawing machine, can be used to cut metal and non-metal.

    Band sawing machine is widely used in wood industry with various models. According to the process use, it can be divided into: large band saw, recutting band saw and joinery band saw. According to the positioning position of saw wheel, it can be divided into vertical band saw, horizontal band saw and inclined band saw. Vertical band saw can be divided into right and left type. According to the installation mode of band saw machine: fixed and mobile; According to the number of combination: common band saws and multi-band saws, etc.

    Circular saw machine generally refers to the metal circular saw machine, it is a hydraulic circular saw machine. Vertical slide up and down the knife, solid feeding structure, precise action, floating material seat, do not hurt the surface of the workpiece. Metal circular saw machine is also called pipe cutting machine, and the general metal circular saw machine (pipe cutting machine), as the name suggests, can cut some common metals: copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

    Band saw machine is mainly composed of bed, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting and lifting device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guide device, table, guide plate and so on.

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