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CNC Horizontal Machining Center

BORUI is a professional CNC horizontal machining center manufacturer. We are committed to designing, producing, and supplying high-performance, high-precision CNC HMC machines. BORUI uses the latest control systems, tool technology, and automation solutions to improve production efficiency and machining accuracy. Over the years, BORUI has accumulated rich experience and expertise. We can meet customers' needs in the field of manufacturing and processing.

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Features of Our CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Multi-axis Control

The horizontal CNC machining center usually has multi-axis control. These include X, Y, and Z axes and possible rotation axes. This multi-axis motion enables machine tools to cut and process in many directions.

CNC System

These machine tools are equipped with a highly advanced digital control system. It gives users precise control over the machining process through pre-programmed codes. It increases production efficiency and precision.

High-speed Cutting

HMC machining center has high-speed cutting capabilities. It can move and cut in a shorter time. It increases production efficiency.

Rotary Table

Some CNC horizontal machining centers are designed with the functionality of a rotary table. The workpiece can be rotated at different angles during machining. It increases the capability of multi-faceted machining.

Why Choose BORUI As Your CNC Horizontal Machining Center Manufacturer

Rich Experience

Since its establishment, BORUI has accumulated many years of experience in manufacturing HMC machines. We can understand customer needs and provide high-quality products that meet industry standards.

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Advanced Technology

BORUI adopts advanced technology and innovative design as a professional CNC horizontal machine center. We can ensure that CNC HMC machines are at the forefront of performance, precision, and efficiency. These include innovations in CNC systems, drive systems, automation technology, etc.

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Customization Capabilities

BORUI understands different people have different needs. Our horizontal CNC machining center can provide customized solutions. So we can meet customers' specific machining needs. This flexibility ensures customers receive the equipment best suited for their application.

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FAQs About CNC HMC Machining Center

CNC horizontal machining centers are usually suitable for processing various materials. Such as metal, plastic, and composite materials. The specific applicable materials depend on the design of the machine tool and the tools and tool holders equipped.

The horizontal CNC machining center has the characteristics of high precision. It can usually achieve micron-level machining accuracy. The exact accuracy depends on the machine model, control system and operator skill level.

Yes, we provide customized solutions to meet our customers' specific processing needs. Our engineering team works with customers to ensure machine tool designs meet their unique application requirements.

Maintenance frequency depends on machine usage. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the performance and longevity of the machine tool. We provide a detailed maintenance manual and recommend regular inspection and maintenance.

Lead time varies based on order volume, customization requirements, and current production status. We will do our best to provide reasonable delivery times based on customer needs. We can ensure communication with customers is maintained throughout the production process.