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CNC Vertical Drilling And Tapping Center Machine BR600

Borui drilling and tapping center can also become drilling and milling tapping center, drilling and milling center and drilling and tapping center. It is a high-precision and high-efficiency machine tool that can cut, tap and drill.

Features of CNC drilling and tapping machining center BR600:

1. FANUC-31I CNC system with the strongest performance in history, high performance, high stability and high efficiency:
1) High-speed data processing capability. In the process of three-dimensional processing, if the unit precision is set to 0.001mm, it will mean that the capacity of the processing program is several times higher than the original program capacity. It is impossible to do without a high-performance and high-speed CNC system. Good for this part of the data processing! Most of the drilling and milling centers on the market still use the low-level FANUC-0iMC CNC system, and it is inevitable to be unable to process data.
2) FANUC CNC system is relatively popular in the market, many people will use it, and it is more convenient for enterprises to recruit employees.
2. The high rigidity spindle, in addition to the normal drilling and tapping, has the biggest advantage in milling and boring:
1) Whether it is a 10000 rpm or 24000 rpm spindle, it is 11Kw/3.7Kw (1 point rated power/continuous rated power): that is to say, the spindle of the FANUC machine tool can perform rigid machining actions in a short time, such as rough milling , Boring, which is beyond the reach of other Japanese brand machining centers! The spindles of other brands are generally 5.5Kw/3.5Kw (30 points rated power/continuous rated power).
2) The structure in which the motor and the spindle are directly connected, that is, the direct-connected spindle.
3) Bearings loaded with grease are adopted, which can be used for a long time without frequent maintenance.
4) The high-speed spindle adopts high-speed and high-precision bearings with low heat generation.
5) The high-torque specification of the main shaft increases the torque in the low-speed area by 32%, from 53Nm to 70Nm.
6) The more complex the shape and surface are.
3. High acceleration positioning
1) High-speed control, optimal torque acceleration and deceleration control, all three axes can reach a high acceleration of 1.3G, the acceleration means the reaction speed of the machine tool when it moves, the higher the acceleration, the faster the reaction speed of the machine tool, adjust the movement direction to move the shorter the time.
2) Here, many friends are misleading, thinking that the faster the rapid feed speed (many brands of Taiwanese machines or Korean machines say that the rapid feed speed can reach 50m/min), the faster the response speed and processing efficiency, This may not necessarily achieve high efficiency and high reaction speed. Especially in small machining centers, since the stroke is small, the rapid feed rate is of little significance, and the most important parameter is “acceleration”! Not to mention there is a “cutting speed” that reflects the cutting efficiency. So it is not easy to be confused by “rapid feed rate”.
4. High precision and high stability
1) The ultra-high-resolution pulse encoder performs interpolation and feedback in nanometers, and the minimum precision unit can be set to 0.0005mm.
2) Nano Interpolation, AI Contour Control II (Option), Shock Control (Option), NURBS Interpolation (Option), Nano Smoothing (Option), Fast Data Server (Option) .
3) High-reliability mechanical structure, most customers of FANUC machine tools work 30 days a month × 24 hours for a long time, the machine tool can keep the accuracy stable and the failure rate is extremely low!
5. AI thermal displacement compensation function
The standard configuration of the three-axis AI thermal displacement compensation function compensates the thermal displacement caused by the movement of the main shaft and the feed axis to ensure high machining accuracy.
6. AI contour control II, HRV control
1) The shape error is greatly reduced by the servo delay
2) Extremely smooth machined surfaces can be achieved with AI Contour Control II. This is particularly strict in the processing of consumer electronics!
7. Robot automated production line
FANUC itself also produces manipulator products, and the numerical control system also uses the FANUC system. There is no problem in product compatibility, so that when customers want to build an automated production line in the future, whether it is a small processing unit or a large-scale assembly line, it is easier to be compatible with and convenient.
8. The field of use is wider, and the risk of customers is decomposed in many aspects
In addition to processing precision parts, FANUC small machining center can also process copper electrodes for molds. If the customer’s order is not very sufficient, it can also process similar copper electrodes.
9. 4-axis/5-axis simultaneous machining
FANUC small machining center is one of the manufacturers with four/five-axis linkage machining technology in the market. Most of the drilling and milling center machines of other competitor brands in the market are fake four/five-axis machining, which cannot achieve four/five axes. Axis linkage machining.

The special technical parameters of CNC drilling and tapping machining center BR600:

Product nameDrilling and Tapping Center
X-axis Travelmm600700
y-axis Travelmm400400
CapacityZ-axis Travelmm350350
Spindle nose to table surfacemm135-485135-485
SpindleSpindle Speedrpm20000/240020000/2400
Tool storage capacityPCS16/2116/21
Max.tool diameter (adjacent tools)mm50(120)50(120)
A.T.CMax tool lengthmm250250
Max tool weightkg325
Tool change time(T-T)sec1.61.6
MotorSpindle power (30-minute stop-motion)kw3.7/5.55.5/7.5
X/Y/Z-axis motor powerkw1.5/1.5/3.01.5/1.5/3.0
WorktableTable sizemm700x420700x420
Table T slot size (No. - width)mm3*14*1253---18
Fast RapidX-axis fast rapidm/min4848
Y-axis fast rapidm/min4848
Z-axis fast rapidm/min4848
Cutting feed rateMm/min5-200005-20000
AccuracyPositioning accuracymm±0.003/300±0.003/300
Repeatability positioning accuracymm±0.005/300±0.005/300
Machine sizeWeightkg35004500
Power demandKVA2020
Overall Sizemm2220X1900X23002320X1900X2300
Tank capacityL210210
Compressed airKg/m26--86--8

CNC drilling and tapping machining center BR600:

Drilling and tapping center details

Solar ATC

Drilling and tapping center details

Chip removal device of CNC drilling and tapping machining center:

Drilling and tapping center details
Drilling and tapping center details

Taiwan spindle

Drilling and tapping center details

4 axis drilling and tapping machining center

Drilling and tapping center details
Drilling and tapping center details

Application of CNC drilling and tapping center:

Drilling and tapping machining center, multi-face and contour machining in milling, boring, side cutting, i.e. machining various types of automotive parts. Three-dimensional machining of resin models, electrodes, precision parts and molds with high speed and high precision. And it is suitable for high-speed cutting of light metals such as aluminum to the processing of electrical appliances and small parts of stainless steel. It can also deburr and chamfer magnesium injection molded parts, die cast parts, forged parts, etc.

It has unique advantages in CNC processing speed and three-dimensional processing! Especially the copper electrode processing of mobile phone molds has an overwhelming advantage! And its cost performance is unmatched by other Japanese high-speed machines. High performance stability, less failure. The fast data processing speed leads to high efficiency and high surface quality (especially surface finish). It is widely used in communications, IT, auto parts, electronics, digital products, machining and other fields.

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