Vertical CNC Milling Machine Machining Center XH7132

BORUI vertical CNC milling machine XH7136 series is an economical CNC machine tool with fine milling/drilling/tapping functions independently developed by our factory. X, Y, Z three-axis servo, open-loop, point-controlled vertical CNC drilling, tapping and milling. The main shaft power is divided into gear transmission and stepless transmission (gear transmission increases the low speed power of the main shaft).

Advantages Of Vertical CNC Milling Machine Machining Center XH7132:

  1. Straight line and circular arc cutting: It can complete the fine milling of straight line and circular arc at any angle, and multi-point drilling and tapping.
  2. Backlash-free transmission: The ball screw drive with preload is adopted, and the speed and accuracy are greatly improved.
  3. Protection A protection system suitable for processing and teaching, electronic timing and strong lubrication to prevent artificial lack of oil on the track surface.
  4. High reliability: The body casting technology is advanced, and the aging treatment technology is adopted, and the casting label reaches the national standard.
  5.  CNC control system: The standard configuration provides a wealth of CNC functions to achieve high-speed and high-precision four-axis motion control. It adopts 8″ color widescreen LCD and is equipped with soft function keys. The interface is intuitive and fast, and the newly designed engineering plastic panel is beautiful Generous, the whole machine is highly integrated, and the product reliability is strong.

Technical Parameters Of Vertical CNC Milling Machine Machining Center XH7132:

Vertical CNC Milling Machine Machining Center XH7132 Body:

Vertical machining center VMC1370 body structure

Taiwan HIWIN Roller Rail And Lead Screw:

Taiwan HIWIN roller screw line rail
Linear guide for vertical machining center

This Vertical Machining Center Adopts A Hat-shaped ATC:

CNC Milling Machine XH7124 ATC

Can Be Upgraded To 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center:

CNC Milling Machine XH7124 4 Axis

CNC Milling Machine Mold Manufacturing PMroject:

Application of 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

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