VMC1160 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center

VMC 1160 vertical machining center, in the standard configuration state, the feed axis is x, y and Z three coordinate three linkage control. It can realize the machining of various complex parts such as discs, plates, shells, cams and molds in one clamping, such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding and reaming. Equipped with the fourth axis CNC dividing head or rotary table, it can process more complex parts such as spiral groove on the rotary body.

Advantages of VMC1160 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center:

  1. The bed casting of VMC1160 linear rail machining center adopts high-rigidity cast iron structure, and the base part is molded with resin sand and processed by aging (tempering process), which ensures the precision and stability of the machine tool in the best use and provides the reliability of machine tool performance. guaranteed.


  1. The VMC1160 linear rail machining center feeds in three directions, X, Y, and Z. It adopts high-precision and high-strength ball screws, all of which are pre-stretched, with high feed speed and high positioning accuracy of the machine tool;
  2. The X, Y, and Z directions of the VMC1160 linear rail machining center are all sealed and protected by stainless steel telescopic shields, which ensure the cleanliness of the lead screw and guide rail, and ensure the transmission and movement accuracy of the machine tool;
  3. The outer protection of VMC1160 line rail machining center is a fully enclosed structure design, which is safe, reliable and beautiful;
  4. The VMC1160 line rail machining center adopts a centralized automatic intermittent lubrication device, which is fully and reliably lubricated. It can regularly and quantitatively lubricate the lubrication points such as guide rails and lead screws in three directions; when the oil tank is short of oil, the system will automatically alarm;
  5. The configuration of the CNC system of VMC1160 linear rail machining center is rich and varied, and there are many brands of systems for users to choose, such as: Japan’s Fanuc system, China Taiwan’s new generation system, Kaiendi system and other different grades and brands.
  6. The three axes of VMC1160 linear rail machining center are detected by laser interferometer and the pitch error is compensated.
  7. It can be professionally designed and developed according to customer requirements, and the price of the product is different for different configurations.
  8. Consult before purchasing to determine whether it is a hard rail CNC machining center or a linear rail machining center, the requirements for the control system, and whether the requirements for the tool magazine require the spindle center water outlet, the chipper, the spindle oil cooler, etc.

Technical Parameters Of VMC1160 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center:

There Are Two Types Of Vertical Machining Centers: Wire Gauge And Hard Gauge:

The line rail is rolling friction, point or line contact, the contact surface is small, and the friction force is also small. It is mainly used in machining with small cutting amount and fast cutting. Features: high speed and high precision, convenient maintenance in the later period.

The hard gauge belongs to the surface contact, the contact surface is large, the friction force is large, and the speed of rapid movement is slow. When machining cast iron and steel castings, the cutting amount is large, the cutting force is relatively large, and the vibration is relatively severe. At this time, the benefits of hard rails are It appears, because the hard rail surface is in contact with the surface, the contact surface is large, and the shock absorption is better, which can not only ensure the processing efficiency but also ensure the processing accuracy. The hard rail is the traditional machine tool rail, which is usually a rail made of cast iron or steel after quenching and grinding.

Selection Of Wire Gauge/hard Gauge For Vertical Machining Center:

When machining cast workpieces, hard rails are better, especially when roughing and finishing are done together. If only finish machining is done, the line rail is good, and the line rail moves quickly, which can save non-processing time in mass processing.

VMC1160 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center Configuration

The Use Of Vmc1160 Vertical Machining Center

Application of vertical machining center

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