CNC Corner Band Sawing Machine GZ4235

BORUI GZ4235 series full-automatic CNC sawing machine for rotation angle adopts high-efficiency controller and compact circuit board and electrical box space, which can not only reduce the failure rate of the machine, but also facilitate maintenance and save space. Adopt travel switch control, hydraulic automatic feeding. Configure small material bundle sawing device. Saw belt hydraulic tensioning and variable frequency stepless speed regulation can be customized according to customer requirements

Product Description

Main Features:

The  corner band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing workpieces with cross-sections such as H-beam, channel steel, box-beam, and round steel.

1. The moving guide of the saw blade guide device of the band saw is also guided by double guide rails, and the guide device of the saw blade is more stable, so that the life of the saw blade can be increased by 10%.

2. The upper pressing device of the machine tool realizes automatic adjustment of the position, and the position can be adjusted according to the size of the section steel.

3. The band saw blade adopts hydraulic tension, and the saw blade also maintains a good tension force in the fast movement, which prolongs the life of the saw blade. The user can adjust the pressure according to the size of the section steel; and there is a detection device when the saw blade is broken. If the machine tool is defective In the event of a situation or failure, the machine will automatically sense and stop.

4. The safety protection of the machine tool is more perfect, and the appearance design is more humanized.

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