The Function Of Grating Ruler In CNC Machine Tool

grating ruler (3)

    As the position detection element of the CNC machine tool linear axis, the grating ruler is equivalent to the human “eye”, which is to “monitor” the linear axis after the execution of the CNC system’s moving instructions, whether the linear axis really runs accurately to the position required by the CNC system instructions….

Linear Guide Rail And Hard Rail

Hard rail

    The new guide system enables the machine to achieve fast feed speed, which is the characteristic of the linear guide at the same spindle speed. Linear guide and plane guide, there are two basic components; One is the stationary element that acts as the guide and the other is the moving element. In…

How To Improve The Machining Accuracy Of CNC Machine Tools


    With the development of electronic technology, automatic information processing, data processing and the appearance of electronic computer, automation technology has brought a new concept, using digital signals to control the motion and machining process of CNC lathe inclined bed, promote the development of machine tool automation. CNC lathe as a kind of high…

How To Use Machining Center Correctly


    Machining center is a kind of efficient CNC machine tool, set oil, gas, electricity, numerical control as one, can achieve a variety of disc, plate, shell, CAM, mold and other complex parts of the workpiece clamping, can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping and other processes processing, so is the ideal…

The Characteristics And Steps Of Manual Scraping

manual scraping

    Machine tool manual scraping is a kind of mechanical processing method, which is to treat the metal surface by the scraper on the machine tool, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the texture and gloss of the metal surface. Manual scraping of machine tools is realized by mechanical equipment, and the…

The Difference Between Hydraulic Turret And Servo Turret

Servo cutter tower

    The turret of the CNC lathe is a part used to clamp and fix the turning tool, and usually consists of a turret body, a tool holder and a blade. The turret body is a cylindrical member with multiple clamping holes, which can clamp different types and specifications of tool holders. The tool…

How To Choose The Chuck Of CNC Lathe

four-jaw chuck

    The chuck of CNC lathe is an indispensable part of CNC lathe processing. It is an important device for clamping workpieces. It is mainly installed on the spindle of the lathe. The rotation of the spindle drives the rotation of the chuck to achieve cutting. . It determines the clamping method and machining…