BORUI New Product CNC Slant Bed TCK56

Equipment Technical Description:

    TCK56 CNC lathe is a high-rigidity, cost-effective machine tool that can widely meet the high-efficiency processing needs of small and medium-sized parts in various industries such as automobiles, aerospace, molds, and instruments.

    Overall: mechanical and electrical integration design, compact structure, reasonable layout, beautiful appearance, 45° inclined bed, rectangular plastic-coated guide rail, fully enclosed protection device, automatic right chip removal, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, three-color lights, Automatic lubrication system.

TCK56 CNC Slant bed machine

    Chuck: Standard with three jaw chuck, optional four jaw chuck;Workpiece clamping fastening;  High rigidity cast iron hasa long service life.

tck56 chuck

    Tailstock: Sleeve type hydraulic tailstock with high precision, high rigidity and reliable performance.

    Turret: High reliability hydraulic tool post is adopted, with fast tool changing speed and high reliability.

TCK56 Turret

    Drive: Longitudinal and horizontal drives adopt high-performance servo motors and ball screws, and the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool are high. With high rigidity guide rail, it has good motion precision and dynamic characteristics.

TCK56 Electric Appliance Cabinet

    System: Adopt GSK numerical control system and AC vertical and horizontal servo system, with reliable performance. It adopts high-performance servo main motor, high torque and high power, which can realize constant linear speed cutting.

TCK56 system

    The quality of all parts and components of machine tool processing and assembly meets the product drawings and related technical requirements.

Equipment Characteristics:

    The cross-sectional area of the TCK56 slant bed CNC lathe is larger than that of the flat bed of the same specification, that is, the bending and torsion resistance is stronger. The tool of the inclined bed CNC lathe cuts downwards on the oblique top of the workpiece, and the cutting force is basically consistent with the gravity direction of the workpiece, so the spindle runs relatively smoothly, which is not easy to cause cutting vibration. When the flat bed CNC lathe is cutting, the tool and the The cutting force generated by the workpiece is 90° to the gravity of the workpiece, which is easy to cause vibration. Next, compare the machining accuracy. The transmission screw of the CNC lathe is a high-precision ball screw. The transmission gap between the screw and the nut is very small, but it does not mean that there is no gap. As long as there is a gap, when the screw moves in one direction, it will be reversed. When there is a backlash, it is inevitable that there will be a backlash, and the backlash will affect the repeat positioning accuracy of the CNC lathe, thereby affecting the machining accuracy.

    Slant bed CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency automatic machine tool. Its linear rolling guide meets high-speed and high-efficiency requirements, reduces frictional resistance and temperature rise deformation, improves machining accuracy, and can ensure long-term stability of cutting machining accuracy. The tool detection device can automatically input the position data of the tool tip into the numerical control system, greatly reducing the settling time when changing the tool, and can also automatically compensate the wear of the tool tip. The inclined bed CNC lathe adopts domestic or imported high-rigidity horizontal turret tool post, which has high positioning accuracy and small deformation in heavy cutting. Standard spindle stepless speed regulation, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, horizontal eight-station tool post, closed protection. The overall inclined bed structure is adopted, and the stability of the machine tool precision can still be maintained during heavy cutting.

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