Points For Attention When Using CNC Vertical Lathe


In order to improve the efficiency of NC lathe, in the actual production application, we must first understand it. The material, structural characteristics and tolerance requirements of the parts machined by NC lathe are found out by real analysis. Roughness, heat treatment and other technical conditions. Then according to the analysis results, choose a reasonable CNC lathe. Cutting process and concise machining route.

Choosing the right tool can improve the machining efficiency of NC lathe. Tool selection needs to consider CNC lathe processing capacity, process content, workpiece material, etc. CNC machine tool selection, not only need to have high hardness, high wear resistance, enough strength, high heat resistance. Good technology, stable size, easy installation and adjustment. Therefore, new high-quality materials should be used.

In heavy CNC vertical machining, in order to better carry out heavy CNC vertical machining, there are some matters need to pay attention to. Although it is similar to the processing of ordinary lathe, but because heavy CNC lathe is a clamping, and continuous automatic machining to complete all the turning process, so we need to pay attention to some local differences, for heavy CNC lathe, economic and effective processing is bound to be a reasonable choice of cutting conditions, cutting speed, feed and depth of cutting will directly cause tool damage, The increase of cutting speed will make the temperature of the tool tip rise, will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. Generally, if the cutting speed increases by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1/2. The user should choose the right cutting speed according to the material being processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed amount and cutting depth, etc. Regular and stable wear is the ideal condition. Vertical car rough car to choose high strength, good durability tool, in order to meet the requirements of rough car; High precision and good durability tools should be selected to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy. In order to reduce the tool change time and convenient tool, should try to use the machine clip knife and machine clip blade.

Heavy-duty CNC lathe as far as possible to choose general fixture to clamp the workpiece, do not use special fixture; Part positioning datums should coincide to reduce positioning errors. In addition, to determine the processing route in advance, should be able to ensure the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements; Shorten the machining route as much as possible to reduce the tool empty travel time. This is more conducive to the smooth completion of the heavy CNC vertical machining process.

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