Machining Center For What To Choose 5 Axis

5 axis machining center

    With the application of five-axis machining center in various fields more and more, the topic of five-axis machining is also increased. For example, why do more and more manufacturers tend to use five-axis equipment to meet the high quality of processing? Today let’s take a look at:

Existence Value Of 5 Axis:

    New product update cycle is shortened, cost is forced to reduce, traditional technology can not meet the delivery requirements; Product quality and quantity depend on labor, and labor costs are getting higher and higher; Electric discharge machining requires electrode processing, which has high process cost, low efficiency, poor quality and five axes can replace. The maturation of triaxial processing technology leads to the fierce competition of homogeneity.

In the homogenized competition, only the unique core technology or the work that others can not do can stand out, which gives rise to the emergence of five-axis processing.

Five-axis Characteristic:

    Five axis machining center is in the three axis on the basis of the increase of A/B/C two of the rotation axis, its characteristics lie in the increase of the two rotation axis and the linear axis of the linkage relationship and structure. Five axis linkage makes processing efficiency faster. Tilting C axis structure, bearing larger, better rigidity.

The Core Values Of The 5 Axes:


It is difficult to achieve high precision in three-axis machining for some complex multi-sided machining products, and the time of manual intervention is long. But five-axis machining can realize rapid positioning machining, mainly from the following aspects to increase the processing accuracy of products:

1) Introduce five-axis fixture;

2) Reduce the clamping process;

3) There is no manual clamping, clamping error is reduced;

4) Only one coordinate system needs to be found to reduce manual errors;

5) Reduce the length to diameter ratio of the tool and reduce the risk of springblade.

Surface Quality:

Five axes can improve the surface machining quality of the workpiece from the following angles:

1) Use tools with shorter length and diameter to improve processing stability;

2) Reduce the discharge process, the whole surface is more uniform;

3) Use the side edge of the ball knife to process and improve the surface quality of the workpiece.



Five axes can improve the processing efficiency of the workpiece from the following angles:

1) Use tools with shorter tool length and diameter to increase the feed of processing;

2) Use five-axis linkage processing to reduce discharge technology;

3) Use the side edge of the ball knife for processing, and use the multi-edge tool to increase the feed of the processing.

Five-axis QCD Concept:

1) Quality ·1 point use → machining accuracy improvement to eliminate the influence of tool accuracy.

2)Cost down · use of full blade → reduce the Cost divide the use area of the full blade of the ball knife, use all effective blades, prolong the life of the tool and reduce the tool.

3)The number of cutting edges is increased, the feed is doubled, and the processing time is shortened.

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