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CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

The CNC vertical lathe is a large mechanical equipment. BORUI has rich experience in vertical CNC lathe machines. We understand industry standards and trends. BORUI CNC vertical lathe manufacturer can provide customers professional advice and technical support. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive range of services.

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Features of CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

Vertical Structure

The spindle of the CNC vertical lathe machine is vertical. The workpiece is clamped on the work table of the machine tool. This structure helps improve cutting stability. It is especially suitable for workpieces with large diameters and heights.

High Precision Machining

The application of CNC technology enables vertical CNC lathes to achieve high-precision processing. These include precision turning, milling, drilling, and cutting processes.

Large Size Workpiece Processing

The vertical CNC lathe machine is suitable for processing workpieces with large diameters and heights. For example, large shaft parts, wheel hubs, rollers, etc.


Vertical lathe CNC machines usually have multi-functional processing capabilities. These include turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. It can realize multi-process processing on one machine tool.

Vertical CNC Lathe Machine Applications

CNC vertical lathe machines have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry. Especially in areas dealing with large, complex parts and high precision requirements. Following are some of the main application areas of vertical CNC lathe vertical lathe machines.

Aerospace Industry

It processes complex high-precision parts such as aircraft engine parts, engine bearing seats, and turbine shafts.

Energy Industry

The vertical lathe CNC machine is used to manufacture main shafts of wind turbines, steam turbine components, parts of nuclear power equipment, etc.

Auto Industry

It processes large parts such as automobile engine parts, transmission housings, and brake discs.

Railway Transportation

Vertical CNC lathe is used to process railway vehicle parts such as train wheelsets, axles, and brake discs.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturing

It is used to process large engineering machinery parts, such as excavator booms, mining equipment parts, etc.

Oil And Gas Industry

CNC vertical lathes are used to manufacture oil-healthy equipment, pipe connection components, centrifuge components, etc.

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Why Choose Us As Your CNC Vertical Lathe Manufacturer

Advanced Technology And Equipment

BORUI CNC vertical lathe manufacturer has advanced CNC technology and high-performance equipment. We can ensure products with high precision, high efficiency, and excellent processing capabilities.

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High Quality Manufacturing Standards

We implement a strict quality control system. Every link from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing is strictly monitored and tested. We can ensure a consistent level of high quality in the vertical CNC lathes delivered to our customers.

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Innovative R&D Capabilities

BORUI continues developing research and innovation, introducing new technologies and design concepts. It ensures that the product maintains a competitive edge in performance and functionality.

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Comprehensive After-sales Service

Our company provides comprehensive after-sales service. These include training, maintenance, and parts supply. It ensures customers receive the best support and service when using vertical CNC lathe machines.

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FAQ About CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

CNC vertical lathe can process various metal materials. Such as steel, aluminum, copper, and some special materials such as alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.

The CNC vertical lathe bed is operated via a CNC system. Operators need to write or import CNC programs, set processing parameters, and then start the machine tool for automatic processing. Operators usually need to receive appropriate training.

Maintenance includes regular cleaning of machine tools, and lubrication systems, checking the wear of tools and tool holders, and ensuring the normal operation of the CNC system. Specific maintenance requirements are usually detailed in the machine tool's instruction manual.

CNC vertical lathes offer high precision, multi-function, and automation features. It can achieve high production efficiency. Specific production efficiency also depends on the complexity of the workpiece, the processing steps, and the cutting tools used.