BORUI New Slant Bed CNC Lathe LH260-600

1.Product Positioning

CNC Slant Bed Lathe Machine LH260


Hardinge GS200

Hardinge GS200

BORUI LH260’s advanced design concept and mature manufacturing technology have further improved the rigidity, precision and stability of the machine tool, and the performance of the whole machine has reached the level of imported brands of the same specification.

2.Product Introduction—LH260

LH260 Details

◇The sleeve-type headstock adopts a large-span symmetrical structure, with small thermal drift, stable precision and strong rigidity.

◇The headstock and the structural surface of the bed adopt the paired scraping and grinding process to ensure the contact rigidity.

◇The overall inclined bed has a stepped flat guide rail structure.

◇The whole machine adopts a unique oil-water separation design to avoid oil pollution and prolong the use time of cutting fluid.

LH260 Details (3)
LH260 Details (4)

◇Standard 8-station Taiwan hydraulic tool turret, stable and reliable work.

Small triangle saddle structure,Thicker in size and more rigid.

◇The upper and lower body of the tailstock adopts a compact structure design and is equipped with a hydraulic sleeve.

◇The tailstock adopts a sliding guide rail structure, and the strict scraping and grinding process ensures the contact rigidity of each joint surface.

LH260 Details (2)

3.Competitive Products Comparison

ITEMUNITLH260-600Hardinge GS200
CapacityMax. cutting diametermmΦ360Φ356
Max. cutting lengthmm600406
SpindleSpindle noseA2-6A2-6
Max. bar diametermmΦ52Φ52
Spindle speedr/min50~45005000
Tool turretTool turret typeHorizontal hydraulic 8-stationHorizontal servo 12-station
External diameter turning tool shank sizemm2525
Internal diameter turning tool shank sizemm4040
PrecisionX/Z axis positioning accuracymm≤0.005≤0.005
X/Z axis repeatable positioning accuracymm≤0.003≤0.004
SizeMachine heightmm17501781
Occupied areammxmm2500X16901998X1551
Machine weightkg44002794
BORUI electrical box

BORUI Electrical Cabinet

GS200 electrical box

GS200 Electrical Cabinet

Compare To Domestic Products-First-Tier Domestic Brands


Max. machining length:600mm
Occupied area:2500mmX1690mm
Main machine weight:4400kg

Shenyang Machine

Max. machining length:500mm
Occupied area:2700mmX1890mm
Main machine weight:3650kg

Larger processing range, heavier overall machine weight, smaller occupied area.

ITEMUNITLH260-600(Borui)HTC40E/500(Shenyang Machine)
CapacityMax. swing over the bedmmΦ520Φ500
Max. cutting diametermmΦ360Φ360
Max. cutting lengthmm600500
SpindleSpindle noseA2-6A2-6
Spindle speedr/min50~450050~4500
Spindle bearing boremmΦ100Φ100
Tool turretTool turret typeHorizontal hydraulic 8-stationHorizontal hydraulic 8-station
External diameter turning tool shank sizemm2525
Internal diameter turning tool shank sizemm4040
FeedRapid feed ratem/minX:30   Z:30X:30   Z:30
TailstockTailstock taper hole typeMohsMT.5MT.5
Tailstock travelmm450(Sleeve travel100)450
MotorSpindle motorsKW11kw/15kw11kw/15kw
PrecisionX/Z axis positioning accuracymm0.0050.008
X/Z axis repeatable positioning accuracymm0.0030.004
SizeMachine heightmm17501945
Occupied areammxmm2500X16902700X1890
Machine weightkg44003650


Integral slant bed with flat guide structure

Shenyang Body

Integral slant bed construction


Bed weight:2.4t
Support footing: 10
Leak-proof construction:Bed catching table
Oil and water separation:Include this, reduce cutting fluid contamination
Accuracy guarantee:Heat treatment process to reduce stress residues

Shenyang Bed

Bed weight:1.6t
Support footing:8
Leak-proof construction:Splicing tables for sheet metal parts
Oil and water separation:Not include this, frequent cutting fluid changes required
Accuracy guarantee:No heat treatment process, slightly less stable accuracy


Symmetrical structure:Small temperature rise and thermal deformation, good stability of accuracy.
Scraping process: Flat push-to-grind for guaranteed contact rate with the bed.
Dynamic balancing grades:G0.4,Better vibration resistance.

Shenyang Spindle

Asymmetrical structures:High temperature rise and thermal deformation, slightly less stable accuracy.
Scraping process: Rotational counter-grinding, with no guaranteed contact rate with the bed.
Dynamic balancing grades:G1,Slightly less resistant to vibration.

BORUI Bed saddle construction

Bed saddle shape:Small triangular construction with thicker dimensions and more rigid .

Shenyang Bed saddle construction

Bed saddle shape:Parallel construction, thinner dimensions, slightly less rigid.

Small triangular bed saddle with superior load-bearing structure for greater rigidity.

BORUI Overall structure

Guide rail base:Increased thickness for greater rigidity. Tip height: Small distance between the tip and the guide for high rigidity.

Shenyang Overall structure

Guide rail base:Thinner and slightly less rigid. Tip height: The distance between the tip and the guide is large and slightly less rigid.

More rational and rigid design, resulting in a significant increase in rigidity at the end of the table.

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