Different Types of Band Saw Machines: An Honest Review

There are a lot of different kinds of band saws that you can use for cutting and making things. Each type of band saw can handle a different set of tasks. Ensuring you use the suitable band saw for the job will improve safety, speed up work, and result in a better cut.

You could use a horizontal band saw, a vertical plate saw, or another bandsaw for your job. Find out what’s good about each type of bandsaw and how it can be used below.

What is A Band Saw Machine?

A band saw (also written bandsaw) is a machine that cuts through material held by a table. It has a long tooth blade that spins on a wheel. It’s a machine tool often seen in cutting shops and factories. A band saw’s main job is to make things that look like they don’t have a shape. The band saw can cut straight lines, circles, or curves. A band saw machine can cut through metal, wood, plastic, etc. Band saws use different types of blades for various types of materials. An electric engine gives power to a band saw. Today, people use a lot of different types of band saws. They all do the same thing, but they’re made in various ways to cut different kinds of cloth.

Types of Band Saw Machines

There are two main types of band saws, which can be cut horizontally or vertically. Read about the differences between horizontal and vertical band saws to help you choose the right one for your job:

Horizontal Band Saws

Horizontal band saws are the best choice when cutting long pieces of material. They also cut very accurately and precisely when working with straight lines. The H Series horizontal band saws from Industrial Band saw are quick and can make straight cuts up to 80″ long. The H-32A is a heavy-duty, high-speed, automatic horizontal band saw that can cut metal at a 90° angle. It will get the job done quickly with its 20 HP blade drive and high-speed shuttle feed of up to 32″. Here are some good things about the horizontal band saw:

  • Heavy-duty: Horizontal band saws are strong and can cut through titanium and other hard metals.
  • High-powered: These saw band machines are very strong and don’t make much noise.
  • Automatic: Most horizontal band saws can run themselves, so the user doesn’t have to do as much work, and the cuts are more accurate.
Different Types Of Band Saw Machines

General Purpose Pivot Style Horizontal Saws

It is widespread to find these kinds of saws in shops worldwide. The price of the pivot-style saw is lower, and the head is usually moved by gravity or hydraulic force. The capacity may be limited because of the pivot (scissor) motion style, especially when mitering at full 60°. The best places for these kinds of saws are small shops and repair buildings that need to cut metal occasionally.

double column band saw machine

Dual Column Sawing Systems

Constructing a dual (or single) column saw is much more robust and costs more than a pivoting saw. These saws use hydraulics to move the whole sawing system up and down on precise columns. It makes the sawing process go smoothly. These saws are the best choice for heavy-duty sawing jobs where rigidity and strength pay off in exact cuts and long life. They usually come with blades that are “1.5” or larger.

Many high-tech features, such as Auto Mitering, Auto Shuttling, Bundle Clamping/Cutting, and more, can be added to these saws at no extra cost. They are very good at cutting different materials, such as Pipe, Stainless Steel, Structural Solids, and Tool Steels.

saw band machine

Tube Saws

These special tube saws are great for cutting tubes and pipes of different sizes. These Dual Column Sawing Systems, also known as “Cut-Off Saws,” can fully automate cuts in pipe and tubing that need to be exact and complicated.

Band Saw Machines

Circular Saws

Circular saws are great for manufacturing and other industry tasks that must be done quickly and safely. Motor-driven bandsaws are sometimes called “cold saws” because they keep the metal and blade from getting too hot, which can make cutting less effective.

While most saw band machines have a straight blade between two wheels, circular saws have a blade shaped like a circle. Most circular saws can stand alone. These band saws are great for cutting things that are short and narrow.

Fabrication Mitering Saws

You may need to make angled miter or bevel cuts to assemble some projects correctly. At home, a fabrication mitering saw can be helpful for these tasks. It is possible for the same fabrication mitering saw to make both miter and bevel cuts, depending on how the material is placed on the saw.

There are two types of saw platforms for miter saws: the swiveling-vise saw, and the swiveling-head saw.

  • Swiveling-head mitering saw: The material is fed into a swiveling-head mitering saw the same way it is fed into a saw that doesn’t do mitering. To cut, the head itself can turn. The frame for this machine needs to be more significant. 
  • Swiveling-vise mitering saw: With a swiveling-vise mitering saw, the vice holds the material at the right angle and swings the piece to the correct position. The moving part of the workpiece means that this machine needs more space.
Band Saw Machines

Production Saws

Manufacturers need machines that can accurately make many workpieces in a setting with a lot of production. For a wide range of uses, production saws offer cutting-edge efficiency. These bandsaws are very effective and work independently to give producers the accurate, high-volume cutting rates they need to keep up with their work. 

Production saws are flat and have a long blade that swings through pieces of work attached to a cutting plane. A horizontal production saw has two columns that support the blade while it cuts through big pieces of work. There is an enclosed “box” design on production saw tools that make the working area safer by keeping things inside.

saw band machines


What are the two types of band saw machines?

But this machine is generally thought of as a manual feed tool. The horizontal and vertical types of band saws get their names from the positions of their cutting blades. To cut along a set line, the user has to feed the stock by hand and move it around against the blade.

What kind of machine is a band saw?

A power saw with a long, sharp blade made of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels is called a bandsaw (also spelled band saw). They are mostly used for working with wood, metal, and logs, but they can cut through many different materials.

What are the three advantages of the saw band machine?

There are lots of good reasons to use a band saw. It can make the exact cut you need, reduce waste, cut through almost anything, and make less waste; most of them are small enough to take with you.