The Difference Between Machining Center And Vertical Drilling And Milling Machine

Machining center is a kind of hole processing equipment, which can be used for various forms of processing such as drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and scraping end faces. According to the clamping layout of the machine tool, the machining center can be divided into a hydraulic machining center and a mechanical machining center. The machining center is easy to operate, flexible, has a wide range of applications, and is typical, especially suitable for single-piece or mass production of holes with large porous parts Machining is a common machine tool in general machining workshops.


The machining center shield is used to protect the machining center. It can protect the surface of the machining center from external corrosion and damage. It has many varieties. There are: organ shield, steel plate shield, these two are used on the guide rail . There are also lead screw shields used on the lead screw: round, square, and polygonal. The practices of these types are different. There are wire-supported and sutured types. There are also roller shutter shields and armors protective cover, etc.


It can be used to protect lead screws, smooth rods, uprights, mandrels and other circular rotating cylinders. Can be used horizontally or vertically. When using it horizontally, it is recommended to use a plastic or aluminum support ring to maintain a certain uniform distance between the inner cavity of the shield and the screw to extend the service life. When the stretch length is large, a metal ring can be added to each compromise to improve the stability of the shield. The connection or fixed end generally uses a metal flange, and a ferrule type can also be selected.

The protective cover of the machining center seems to be only a cover. In fact, the planning and research of the protective cover of the machining center also require a lot of effort. If you want to ask what the protective cover of the machining center is used for, we may be open-mouthed. In fact, it is not so simple. Let us know the meaning of the machining center and the effect of the machining center in detail.

Vertical drilling machine is a drilling machine whose main shaft is arranged vertically and the middle position is fixed, referred to as vertical drilling. It is often used in machinery manufacturing and repair factories to process the holes of medium and small workpieces. Before processing, the orientation of the workpiece on the work table must be adjusted so that the center line of the machined hole is aligned with the axis of the tool. During processing, the workpiece is fixed, and the spindle rotates in the sleeve and axially feeds with the sleeve. The worktable and headstock can be adjusted along the column guide rail to adapt to workpieces of different heights.

CNC Milling Machine XH7132

As a kind of drilling machine, vertical drilling and milling machine is also widely used and high precision compared with common metal cutting machine tools. Suitable for batch processing.


The characteristics of vertical drilling and milling machine are:


1. It can perform vertical and horizontal milling.
2. The vertical spindle sleeve has two feeds of manual and inching.
3. The working table guide rail pair is ground after ultrasonic quenching.
4. There are three types of motorized feeding methods for the workbench: Type A is three-way; Type C is one-way; Type D is two-way.​​


The usual protection of the machining center:


1. Check the lubrication system of the machining center: to clean the linoleum, it is necessary to complete the oil cup, clear the oil path, and brighten the oil window.
2. Inspection of the rocker arm and the lifting and clamping mechanism of the machining center: Check the adjustment of the lifting mechanism and the clamping mechanism to reach the active connection.
3. Maintenance of the machining center spindle feed box: check the oil quality, keep it good, and the oil quantity meets the demand. Remove the burr from the taper hole of the spindle. Clean the hydraulic transmission system, oil filter screen, and adjust the oil pressure.
4. Check the cooling system of the machining center: clean the cooling pump, filter and coolant tank. Check the coolant pipeline, and there should be no water leakage.
5. Clean the surface and dead corners of the machine tool, remove and wash each cover, and need to clean the inside and outside, no rust, no yellow robes, and the paint sees the nature of iron and light. Clean the rail surface and remove the burr on the work surface. Check the replacement screws, handball, hand board, and check the reliability of the movement of each handle.​​
The usual protection of vertical drilling machine:
1. The equipment is smooth and five fixed: fixed point, punctuality, qualitative, quantitative, fixed;
2. Take out two hours a week to completely clean the machine tool, and clean it completely in 1-3 months;
3. Check whether the exposed parts have oil stains and rust, whether the screws are loose, whether the smoothness is complete, and whether the motor is overheated and the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

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