2 Axis Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine CK6132

CK6132 CNC lathe machine is controlled by microcomputer and driven by servo motor, and has the functions of turning cylindrical surface, conical surface, arc surface, inner hole, grooving, and processing various threads (including tapered threads).

Features of 2 Axis Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine CK6132:

  • CNC system programming adopts ISO code, manual input by keyboard, and is equipped with RS232 communication interface, with power-off protection and various self-diagnosis functions.
  • The machine tool is driven vertically and horizontally by a servo motor and driven by a precision ball screw.
  • There are four-station, six-station, vertical or horizontal types of tool rests for selection. The precision end tooth plate is used for positioning, and row cutters can also be used. The repeat positioning progress is high.
  • Chuck and tailstock are available in hydraulic and manual options.
    The bed guide rail is finely ground after quenching by ultra-frequency, with long service life and high precision.
  • Spindle through hole Φ41 mm. The spindle system has good rigidity, and there is no vibration when cutting 5mm on one side. The spindle is variable frequency stepless speed regulation.

Technical parameters of CK6132:





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