Large Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine CWK6180

CWK6180 has the characteristics of high precision, high power and high rigidity, and its main components and structures have been optimized. The main shaft system structure adopts hydraulic four-speed automatic transmission, and the main shaft adopts double row roller bearing with angular contact bearing with high rotation progress, good shock resistance, good stability and good cutting performance.

Features of Large Flat Bed Lathe Machine CWK6180:

  • The bed is cast as a whole, the width of the guide rail is 600mm, and the diameter of the main shaft is Φ105mm.
  • Equipped with LD6172 four-station electric tool rest.
  • The speed change of the main shaft is three-speed variable frequency speed regulation, stepless speed change in the gear, and the speed range is 25-850 rpm. Φ400 three-jaw chuck.
  • With wide number 980TDC or KND1000T system.
  • With the main motor 11KW.
  • Automatic electronic oil pump lubrication.
  • Semi-enclosed protection (optional fully enclosed protection).

Technical parameters of Large Flat Bed Lathe Machine CWK6180:

Large Flat Bed Lathe Machine CWK6180 Main Components:

Chuck of large CNC lathe CWK6180
NC Control System of Large NC Lathe CWK6180
Tool holder for large CNC lathe CWK6180





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