Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine CK6150

Standard configuration of this CK6150 economical CNC lathe: three-speed variable frequency speed regulation, 82mm through-hole for the main shaft, one-piece casting of the bed, 400mm rail span, 250mm manual chuck, manual tailstock, equipped with GSK980tb3i system, the lathe can be customized according to the user The hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, etc. are required to be added, and other numerical control systems can also be selected according to user requirements.

Features of Flat Bed Lathe Machine CK6150:

CK6150 precision CNC lathe is a cost-effective processing equipment. Since its development, it has been continuously improved and improved, and it has become a mature product. The users are all over the country and many industries. It has been widely praised and widely used in auto parts. , motorcycle parts, valves and other parts of large-scale processing. The main shaft is supported by high-precision rolling bearings, with high rotation accuracy, and the X and Z axes are driven by high-precision ball screws, with good dynamic performance and high positioning accuracy. The machine tool adopts an integral bed foot, Good stability, the guide rail is made of wear-resistant cast iron, and it can maintain long-term and stable machining accuracy and service life after ultra-sonic quenching and precision grinding. The working clamping method can choose manual three-jaw chuck or hydraulic chuck according to user requirements. disc and hydraulic tailstock.

Technical parameters of Flat Bed Lathe Machine CK6150:

Spindle of CNC lathe CK6150

Chuck and tailstock of CNC lathe CK6150

CNC lathe chuck
CNC lathe tailstock
CNC lathe spindle through hole





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