Compact CNC Lathe Machine CK6130

BORUI CK6130 series CNC horizontal lathe has the maximum rotation diameter of 300mm and the maximum processing length of 260 / 320mm. The whole machine has compact structure, beautiful and pleasant appearance, large torque of spindle, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance and excellent accuracy retention.
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Features of compact CNC lathe CK6130:

CK6130 is an economical CNC lathe that can automatically process the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, grooves, spherical surfaces and conical surfaces of small parts.

1. Spindle system with high speed, high precision, high rigidity and stable temperature rise.
2. The main shaft bearing is lubricated with high temperature grease and has a long service life.
3. Double-mountain high-rigidity rectangular guide rail, anti-vibration and shock-resistant, suitable for large cutting, and also suitable for fine and rough machining.
4. Fully enclosed inside and outside protection.
5. Hydraulic, pneumatic and manual clamping devices according to customer requirements.
6. Line rail machine tool can be customized

Technical parameters of compact CNC lathe CK6130:

Main configuration of compact CNC lathe CK6130:

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