CNC Lathe Turning Center BCK46A

The tilt angle of slant bed CNC lathe is 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and the bed of slant bed CNC lathe is right angle triangle. Compared with normal lathes, the slant bed CNC lathe can be installed with more tool positions and can achieve up to 4 axes machining. The inclined guideway can make the chips slide down centrally and facilitate automatic chip removal.

Introduction Of CNC Lathe Turning Center BCK46A:

High-precision inclined bed CNC lathe automatic lathe TCK46A, this machine tool is suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, aerospace, petroleum and other industries. High-efficiency, high-precision automatic processing, using a 45-degree high-rigidity overall bed, high-precision spindle unit, and Taiwanese line rails, ensuring high rigidity of the whole machine, the spindle center is close to the operator, and it is more convenient to load and unload workpieces.

Advantages Of CNC Lathe Turning Center BCK46A:

  1. This machine tool is a high-speed, high-precision and high-reliability slant bed lathe. The main components such as the bed base, bed body, and headstock are all cast with high-strength materials to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.
  2.  It adopts 45° overall slant bed structure, and is equipped with high-precision preloaded Taiwan linear rolling guide rails. The machine tool has high position accuracy and smooth chip removal, which is suitable for high-speed and high-precision machining.
  3. High-speed, high-precision and high-rigidity cartridge-type spindle unit and servo spindle motor can achieve higher spindle speed. The spindle unit is assembled in a constant temperature room. After assembling, it runs at constant temperature for 72 hours, and then runs for 72 hours after being put on the machine to ensure the reliability of high-speed and high-precision performance.
  4. The arranging method is adopted, the tool changing speed is fast, and the positioning accuracy is high.
  5. The feed in the X and Z directions is directly connected with the lead screw by a servo motor through a high torque and low inertia elastic coupling. The lead screw support adopts a pre-stretching structure, which can eliminate the transmission backlash and pre-compensate for the thermal deformation of the machine tool during long-term operation. Influence on the accuracy, to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy; the use of advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, timing, quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable work.

Technical parameters BCK46A:

45° CNC Lathe Turning Center

Slant Bed Lathe TCK46A
Slant bed CNC lathe chuck
Tool holder for CNC lathe with 45° slant bed
CNC control system of CNC lathe with slant bed
Foot brake of CNC lathe
Chip Conveyor for slant bed CNC Lathe

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