Manual Supermax Large Bed Type Milling Machine X715

BORUI large-scale manual milling machine X715 series, the main components such as bed base and bed are cast with high-strength materials to ensure the long-term use of the machine tool. The size of the worktable is 2100*500mm, and the taper of the spindle is ISO50.

Features Of Manual Supermax Large Bed Type Milling Machine X715:

1. Main shaft electromagnetic clutch feeding, and digital display of drilling depth
2. Increase the stroke, span, and work surface
3. Reinforced spindle, can be equipped with unloading device
4. Configure the X-direction stepless speed regulation feed of the worktable, and optional X, Y, Z three-coordinate digital display
5. The guide rail surface and main transmission parts adopt centralized lubrication
6. The spindle box can be rotated plus or minus 45 degrees
7. Spindle box electric lift
8. Device cooling and protection
9. The main electrical components of the electrical cabinet with PIC control are imported components

The difference between X715 bed milling machine and ordinary milling machine:

The X715 bed milling machine is a milling machine in which the worktable cannot be raised and lowered, but can be moved longitudinally and laterally along the guide rails of the bed base, and the milling head or column can be moved vertically. Since the parts of the lifting table milling machine that move up and down at any time in the processing state include the worktable, the saddle, the lifting table, and the workpiece, which have many layers, heavy weight, and poor system rigidity; the milling head moves up and down along the bed guide, and the weight of the lifting part of the milling head Only 1/5 of the weight of the lifting part of the lifting table milling machine (work table, saddle, lifting table and workpiece), which not only can be lifted easily, but also greatly improves the overall rigidity of the machine tool.

Technical parameters of manual oversized bed milling machine X715:

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