Vertical Milling Machine X5032A

BORUI vertical manual milling machine X5032A adopts gear transmission, which has good torque transmission and high processing efficiency. Equipped with a mechanical feeder, the table can be automatically fed vertically and horizontally, reducing labor intensity and improving machining accuracy and surface finish.

Features Of Vertical Elevating Table Milling Machine X5032A:

1. The main components such as base, body, worktable, middle slide, lift slide, and spindle box are all cast with high-strength materials, and processed by artificial aging to ensure the long-term stability of X5032 vertical lift table milling machine .
2. The milling head of X5032 vertical milling machine can be adjusted by ±45° in the vertical plane and reverse rotation to expand the processing range of the machine tool; the main shaft bearing is a tapered roller bearing with strong bearing capacity, and the main shaft adopts energy consumption braking, braking Large torque, quick and reliable stop.
3. There are three types of X/Y/Z directions of the worktable: manual feed, motorized feed and motorized fast-forward. The feed speed can meet different processing requirements; fast-feed can make the workpiece quickly reach the processing position, which is convenient and fast for processing , shorten the non-processing time.
4. The x, y, and z three-direction guide rail pairs are quenched by ultrasonic frequency, precision ground and scraped, and cooperated with forced lubrication to improve the accuracy and prolong the service life of the machine tool.
5. The lubrication device can forcibly lubricate the vertical, horizontal and vertical screw and guide rails, reduce the wear of the machine tool, and ensure the efficient operation of the X5032 vertical lift table milling machine; at the same time, the cooling system changes the coolant flow rate by adjusting the nozzle. size to meet different processing needs.
6. The machine tool design conforms to ergonomic principles and is easy to operate; the operation panels are designed with visual symbols, which are simple and intuitive.

Technical parameters of Vertical Elevating Table Milling Machine X5032A:

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