Manual Vertical Turret Milling Machine X6325(4H)

Turret milling machine, also known as rocker milling machine, is a type of vertical milling machine. The X6325 turret milling machine is a light general-purpose metal cutting machine tool with vertical and horizontal milling functions. It can mill the plane, inclined surface, groove and spline of medium and small parts. Widely used in machining, mold, instrument, meter and other industries.

Features of Manual Vertical Turret Milling Machine X6325 (4H):

1. This series of machine tools has compact structure, small volume and high flexibility. The milling head can rotate 360° in the X direction.
2. The milling head of the machine tool adopts Taiwan precision high-speed milling head. The milling head has the advantages of high spindle speed, large speed change range, and can give full play to the efficiency of the tool; the spindle sleeve is automatically fed, and the tool is automatically stopped. The milling head is equipped with a fine-tuning limit element and an overload protection device, which can effectively ensure the accurate positioning of the tool. and a certain depth of cut.
3. The machine tool table and lift table adopt centralized lubrication mechanism and are equipped with manual oil pressure pump.
4. The machine tool feed can be manual or motorized, and the X-direction motorized feed is realized by adding an electronic feeder.
5. The guide rail surface is affixed with wear-resistant sheets, which has a long service life.
6. Optional automatic walker and digital display equipment.

Technical parameters of Manual Vertical Turret Milling Machine X6325 (4H):

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