Vertical And Horizontal Turret Milling Machine X6336

This milling machine is a light general metal cutting machine, also called universal rocker milling machine, with two functions of vertical and horizontal milling.

Features Of Vertical And Horizontal Turret Milling Machine X6336:

The X6336 turret milling machine can be widely used for processing planes, inclined planes at any angle, milling keyways, grooves, and can also be rotated, reamed, and boring. Rotate 360 degrees. The spindle has a large speed change range and a high speed. The spindle sleeve can be fed with a motorized fixed range and is equipped with an overload protection device. The spindle sleeve, machine tool guide rail, and worktable are all processed by high frequency hardening, which is beautiful and practical. Optional motorized feeding device and digital display system are available.

1. It can realize two processing functions of vertical and horizontal milling.
2. The vertical milling head is equipped with a turret milling head, and the spindle sleeve has the functions of automatic, manual and manual fine-tuning.
3. X, Y, Z three-direction guide rail pair is ground after ultrasonic quenching.
4. Motorized feed in X, Y and Z directions of the worktable.
5. The X-direction travel of the worktable can reach 1000mm, and the Y and Z directions are wide rectangular guide rails.
6. The manual lubricating device can forcibly lubricate the screw rod and guide rail.
7. The machine tool is also equipped with an operation panel, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Technical parameters of vertical and horizontal turret milling machine X6336:

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