Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine X6436

BORUI universal rotary head milling machine X6436 series, this machine is a production equipment that integrates milling, drilling and boring. It adopts a two-section rotary head and can rotate 360°, which increases the working range and is suitable for a variety of machinery. production industry.

Main structural features of universal rotary head milling machine:

1. The machine tool has good rigidity and can withstand heavy load cutting.
2. The power of the spindle motor of the machine tool is high, and the speed change range is wide, which can give full play to the efficiency of the tool and can perform heavy cutting.
3. The machine tool has a perfect lubrication system.
4. The digital display device can be configured according to user needs.
5. The wear-resistant castings of the machine tool are made of vanadium-titanium wear-resistant cast iron, and the important parts are made of high-quality alloy steel, which is stable and durable.
6. The spindle has good rigidity and strong bearing capacity. The X6436 universal rotary head milling machine bed is a rectangular guide rail bed with good stability.
7. The three items XYZ of the worktable are all automatic feeding, and the guide rail pair in the three directions of X, Y, and Z is supersonic quenching and precision grinding.
8. The manual lubricating device can force lubricating the lead screw and guide rail.
9. It can realize two functions of vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine. The two-section rotary spindle can be rotated and adjusted at any angle, and can be used to process shells and molds.
10. If appropriate accessories are used, parts with special shapes such as gears, cams, arc grooves and helical surfaces can be processed, and milling machine accessories such as universal milling head, circular table and indexing head can be configured, which can further expand the use range of the machine tool

Universal rotary head milling machine technical parameters:

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