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Why should CNC vertical machining center machine tools be equipped with 4 axis?

4 axis of CNC vertical machining center VMC650

4 axis CNC Veritical machining center: After the fourth axis is installed on the machining center machine tool, it is usually called a four-axis CNC machining center. It realizes the multi-faceted processing of the processed product through the rotation of the fourth axis or the fourth axis bridge plate, which not only overcomes the problems…

Factors affecting high-speed cutting of CNC vertical machining centers

CNC Vertical Machining Center High Speed Cutting

With the continuous development of the processing industry, some highly complex curved workpieces and multi-process workpieces have become commonplace, and their fine processing requirements are also getting higher and higher. High-efficiency machining of highly complex curved surfaces and multi-process workpieces is the most important machining feature of vertical machining centers. In addition to being equipped…