Why should CNC vertical machining center machine tools be equipped with 4 axis?

4 axis of CNC vertical machining center VMC650

4 axis CNC Veritical machining center:

After the fourth axis is installed on the machining center machine tool, it is usually called a four-axis CNC machining center. It realizes the multi-faceted processing of the processed product through the rotation of the fourth axis or the fourth axis bridge plate, which not only overcomes the problems that the three-axis machine tool cannot complete. Machining also greatly improves the machining efficiency of the machine tool and reduces the number of clamping times. Increase the efficiency of the enterprise. The fourth axis of the machining center refers to the CNC indexing head of the machining center. We usually refer to the fourth axis as the CNC indexing head. The CNC indexing head is widely used and has many brands. It has a good market effect, and can improve the efficiency and processing efficiency of enterprises. At present, the processing of many parts and components is inseparable from the four-axis machining center.

The advantages of the 4 axis CNC Veritical machining center:

It can improve the machining plane of the tool, reduce the repeated clamping of the workpiece, greatly improve the overall machining accuracy of the workpiece, simplify the process, improve the production efficiency, and shorten the production cycle. Therefore, the application of four-axis machining centers is very extensive. By adding a rotating shaft, the angle offset between the tool and the workpiece can be generated, the machining area can be enlarged, and favorable cutting conditions are formed.

BORUI 4-axis CNC vertical machining center working video

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