Features And Application Of VMC850 Machining Center

CNC Vertical Machine Center VMC850

       VMC850 vertical machining center adopts a vertical frame layout, the column is fixed on the bed, the headstock moves up and down along the column (Z direction), the slide moves longitudinally along the bed (Y direction), and the worktable moves laterally along the slide (X direction) )Structure. The bed, worktable, sliding seat, column, spindle box and other large parts are all made of resin sand castings, and after two aging treatments to eliminate stress, good stability and high strength, ensure the stability of the machine tool’s long-term use accuracy, It provides a guarantee for the stability of machine tool performance. These large parts are optimized by Soldworks and Ansys to improve the rigidity and stability of the large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine tool caused by the cutting force. The feed axis of VMC850 is controlled by three coordinates of X, Y and Z, the main shaft is driven by servo motor power, and the capacity of the tool magazine is 16-24. It can realize the processing of various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, comparing, tapping, etc. for various complex parts such as discs, plates, shells, cams, and molds in one clamping. Three-axis hard rail structure , used for single and mass production of various complex parts in various industries. The processing is programmed and the production cycle is shortened, so that users can obtain good economic benefits.

1. Strong Adaptability

       To process a new part on a general machine tool, it is usually necessary to adjust the machine tool from scratch and replace the “hardware” such as new tools, fixtures, measuring tools or molds, while on a machining center, when processing different parts, it is only necessary to re-compile or modify the processing The program “software” can process different workpieces, which greatly shortens the production and technical preparation time, and has strong adaptability, so it is suitable for the processing of single and small batch parts.

2. High Machining Accuracy

      Due to the feed movement and main drive of the machining center, the use of AC or DC servo motors can achieve stepless speed regulation, which greatly simplifies the drive and feed system, the drive chain is short, and there is a gap in the feed drive chain to eliminate equipment and numerical control equipment to compensate, so the machining center has a high machining accuracy. For small and medium-sized machining centers, the positioning accuracy can generally reach 0.01 mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.005-0.001 mm. The automatic processing method of the machining center avoids the operation errors caused by manual intervention. The consistency of the same batch of parts is excellent, and the processing quality is relatively stable. The machining center generally has the functions of length compensation and tool radius compensation, which can easily eliminate the workpiece size errors caused by tool wear and tool adjustment errors. Multi-axis linkage can solve the complex The interpolation movement of the contour is more suitable for the machining of parts with high precision and complex shape, which improves the precision of the workpiece processed by the VMC850 machining center.

3. Reduce The Manual Labor Of The Operator.

     It is suitable for the processing of parts with concentrated processes and many processes. The operator only needs to adjust the machining center and install the workpiece, and the machine tool can automatically process. Yes, after the machining center finishes processing the parts, the machine tool will automatically stop working. Multi-station, multi-process automatic processing can be performed, and multiple processes can be completed in one loading of parts, while processing on general machine tools requires workers to perform heavy repetitive manual operations and workpiece measurement operations.

4. Low Cost High Output

     The machining productivity of the machining center mainly refers to the time required to process a part, and the machining time includes the auxiliary time and the maneuvering time. The VMC850 machining center has a large range of feed speeds and a large spindle speed and can be steplessly adjusted. optimum feed and cutting speed. It can carry out cutting at constant speed or constant cutting speed, and on the premise of ensuring the machining quality of the workpiece and the certain service life of the tool, the cutting amount can be increased as much as possible. Excellent structural rigidity allows the machining center to perform powerful cutting and high-speed cutting. The rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts of the machining center adopts the method of acceleration and deceleration. The high idle travel speed is selected, and the time spent on idle travel and positioning is much less than that of ordinary machine tools. Useful to save the time of assistance. Because the machining center has a measurement system, it is usually possible to omit the scribing type when the parts are processed. After the parts are mounted on the machine tool, the detection time during the part processing can be adjusted. The VMC850 machining center has a low rejection rate, stable machining accuracy, and can further reduce production costs, so the machining center is suitable for parts with small and medium batches that require good consistency.

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