How to control the tooth direction error of VMC850 vertical machining center to ensure contact accuracy?

china vertical machine center VMC850

VMC850 vertical machining center in the use of the process, because of the environment, temperature, humidity and the use of their own parts wear, internal force deformation, loss of wear parts and other factors, its comprehensive performance will change over time, the existence of small problems in the machine tool, may lead to the scrapping of the workpiece, or even endanger the accuracy and service life of the machine tool, so it is very necessary to do a good job of normal maintenance and inspection. Solid maintenance and inspection, in order to maintain the machine in the best condition.

VMC850 vertical machining center maintenance in the short term to develop daily, weekly, monthly maintenance plan, long-term can do quarterly, semi-annual, annual maintenance plan, today to explain the maintenance and maintenance.

Widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, instrumentation, aircraft, spacecraft and other machinery manufacturing.
The radial runout of the gear ring refers to a range of gears, the probe in the tooth groove or gear teeth, and the tooth height of the central double-sided contact, the probe relative to the axis of the gear teeth of the large amount of change. Also is the wheel tooth ring relative to the axis of the central line of eccentricity, this eccentricity is because in the installation of parts, parts of the two central hole and the table rotation central installation does not coincide or deviation is too large and caused. Or because and hole manufacturing is poor, so that the positioning surface contact is not good cause eccentricity, so the tooth ring diameter jump should be mainly from the above reasons to analyze and solve.

VMC850 vertical machining center through the hobbing, shaving process to create high-precision gear, it is necessary to roll, shaving process level to good. And shaving accuracy to a large extent depending on the saddle hobbing accuracy, so hobbing in some of the error items must be strictly controlled in order to create high-quality gears. Hobbing is a common method of gear processing, in a very high precision machine tools, using precision hobbing, can be processed 4-5 level of precision gear teeth. In the ordinary level machine tools, with ordinary precision hobbing, can only be processed out of 8 levels of precision gear teeth. Transmission shaft gear teeth required accuracy of 8-7-7 level, and hobbing processing is mainly to two central hole and end face as a positioning reference, so the analysis of hobbing error sources, grasp the method to ensure and progress in processing accuracy is very important.

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