What are the advantages of CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Machine and traditional CNC lathe?

The body of CNC vertical lathe machine selects inclined bed structure, with strong rigidity and good anti-vibration. BORUI CNC lathe is equipped with distinctive beautiful and generous modeling design, fast, high precision, high efficiency, milling of various shapes of complicated parts, suitable for mass processing of auto parts, motorcycle parts, gate valves and other parts.

Detail display of CNC vertical lathe

What are the advantages of CNC vertical lathe and traditional type CNC lathe?

1.In terms of function, it can gradually improve and develop on the basis of general vertical lathe, and the role is increased. In addition, it can complete the frequency conversion and speed change, and its main motor’s frequency conversion type replacement speed ratio, and also, enhance the power milling head, etc.
2.Processing high precision: its processing precision can generally reach 0.05-0.1MM, is manipulated according to the analog signal way, CNC machine tool equipment every output a differential signal, then the CNC lathe moving components move a single pulse dose, and CNC lathe go tool chain transmission of the reverse direction gap and ball screw tooth distance average deviation can be compensated by CNC machine tool equipment for the curve, therefore, CNC vertical lathe precision grade is very high.
3.With a relatively high degree of softness: in the CNC vertical lathe processing parts, the key is the processing program process, it is not the same as the general CNC lathe, without manufacturing, dismantling and changing a lot of mold shell, tooling fixtures, without often adjusting the CNC lathe again. Therefore, the CNC machine tool vertical lathe is suitable for the processed parts often disassembled and changed, that is, suitable for bulk parts, small batch production equipment manufacturing and new product development and design, which in turn reduces the production site management cycle time and saves a lot of processing technology weapons and equipment 4.The processing quality is smooth and reliable: processing the same batch of parts, in the same CNC lathe, under the same processing standards, the application of the same CNC inserts and processing program process, CNC inserts into the tool movement trajectory is identical, the consistency of the parts is good, the quality is smooth.
5.Compared with the general column type car, at this stage its operation has many advantages, in which includes the operational flexibility of the actual operation, when processing parts in the column type CNC roller, the key lies in the programming of the processing program process, and thus has many advantages in the application of the equipment, so the CNC vertical car is suitable for processing small parts, thus causing the general interest of many enterprises.

CNC vertical lathe is a kind of excellent characteristics, processing technology scope is universal, manufacturing high efficiency technology equipment, applicable to various fields of machinery and equipment processing, available to internal and external round surface, internal and external conical surface, internal hole, cutting groove, curved surface and a variety of curved surface, external thread of rough and finish machining.

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